Considering a return...


I'm new to this forum but it does seem a pretty helpful/friendly place. Well in as much as forums ever are anyway. :)

Anyway, I'd appreciate some advice/opinion. Here's my situation:

I left the TA after about 7 years after I volunteered for TELIC 1 and 2, and didn't get anywhere with it. Any organisation, as I saw it, that mobilised people who didn't want to go, and that was about 50% of those called up from my unit, and left people out who did, seemed fundamentally flawed.

To cut a long story short it seemed to me that if the MOD wasn't going to make use of my training and enthusiasm then I wasn't going to waste any more of its time.

It seems now, 8 (is it?) TELICs down the line, that the TA are being more fully utilised and that popping my black boots back on might prove interesting. Is there much changed in the attitudes of the TA, would you say? With 7 years of blank firing experience (sexual innuendo unintentional) is there still a valid place for me in units which, I'd imagine by now have what, 80% of strength with operational experience?

Maybe, as I pre-empt the replies, I ought to just have a toddle down to the local TAC, which I would except I'm nearing the end of an overseas contract with work and the 'local' TAC is a good 8000 miles away. Hence the post.

Any thoughts?

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