Considering a career in Intell Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Gregdavies, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello, I'm after some advice really.
    I'm going through the application process with the Army, and have selected the Intel Corps (Operator Military Intelligence) as my first choice. I'm just trying to find out exactly what is involved with this role and What roles are available as I progress through my career.
  2. Why didnt you ask in the AFCO?
  3. Seriously? Fcuk off CR...
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  4. I did, but I was just given a print out of the job description. Its the same when I research online.
  5. This_Tribe_Rob

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    Clearly he needs a source with a rating higher than "Not Usually Reliable"
  6. ?????
  7. give me a ******* break. this attempt is amateur hour. :)
  8. It's amateur I'll give you that...
  9. What? Is that a standard response to something you don't understand? Are you too fcuking lazy to actually type out the words, "I'm sorry, I don't get that..". Too lazy to type anything other than ???? and too lazy to actually scout round these very pages and stickies for the information that you need...
  10. If I post a link to the Intel website, will I get ROPs?

  11. Greg, the impeccable blandness of your first post has already marked you out as exactly the sort of low risk prospect that the Intel Corps has always thrived on. Take no decisions and volunteer for nothing and you can expect that any role you wish for will be available to you. Remember always to check with your boss first before you take any decision and always get them to sign your reports for you. He or she will always thank you for it at SJAR time. Ensure you always stay at Task Force level, the amenities are far superior and you will get more face-time there than you will ever get working at COIST.

    Otherwise I'm sure you will impress and quickly be given additional responsibilities; there is an already thriving model railway club at Bulford and the theatre club at Brawdy urgently needs the kiss of life. Friends in the village tell me that the Haddenham Theatre group are always looking for help in the box office as well.

    In terms of progression you could selected to command the map store at Hereford, Plymouth or Poole or a CI Section in Hull or Preston, if you really excel there is always Attache Branch.

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  12. To respond to your rude post, I have scouted the pages on this site and I'm yet to find a proper answer. It seems to me, that when someone asks a question on here, it's just got responses from idiots like you, either chatting shit or slating someone. If you don't want to help, then don't reply to requests for advice.
  13. Once again, yet another post with someone with useless comments.
  14. I'll give you a clue:

    1. It's the Intelligence Corps
    2. They gather intelligence or 'int' (amongst other things)

    Now, compare these words to what you wrote in your first post and the thread title. If you want to be taken seriously in a corps whose jobs involve much investigation and thought then I suggest you start by actually applying some here.