Conservatives launch Armed Forces Manifesto


David Cameron and Dr Liam Fox have launched the Conservative Party's Armed Forces Manifesto.
"Our Forces sacrifice and risk so much to do their duty by us", David Cameron said. "The least we can do in return is to do our duty by them."
"So if elected, a Conservative government will work from day one to improve the lives of everyone in our Forces. And it will work to improve the lives of all their families."
The Armed Forces Manifesto outlines how we will repair the Military Covenant and rebuild the bonds between the Forces and the people. We will:
Give the Armed Forces clear leadership – we'll hold a Strategic Defence and Security Review to make sure resources match commitments. In the meantime, we’ll protect the defence budget for 2010/11.
Equip our Armed Forces properly – we’ll reform procurement so our Forces get the equipment they need when they need it, at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer.
Support our servicemen and women – we’ll double the operational allowance, improve rest and recuperation leave and establish a tri-Service Military Covenant.
Support service families and children – we’ll give Forces children extra support in school through the pupil premium, and provide college and university bursaries for the children of Forces personnel who have been killed.
Support our veterans – with a new mental health screening process and a new ‘Troops for Teachers’ programme to get ex-service personnel into teaching.
"The first duty of government is the defence of the realm, and our most vital asset in that is our people", said Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox.
"I know from my experience as a Civilian Army Medical Officer that the surest way to have unhappy service personnel is to have unhappy service families. This is why a Conservative government will repair the Military Covenant as a matter of urgency."
Fox reaffirmed that mental health is will be his welfare priority if he becomes Defence Secretary, and said he was "delighted" to announce the mental health screening service for all service leavers (including reservists) and a PTSD treatment programme within the NHS.
The manifesto has been "warmly welcomed" by the Chief Executive of Combat Stress, and the Chairman of the Combat Stress fundraising appeal has said it has "the potential to really help the UK meet the anticipated future demand for high quality mental health services for our Veterans".
This is all well and good, but how are they going to achieve this?...Also arnt the Tories going to axe 25% of the MOD?..though this seems to be the bigwigs at Whitehall and the penpusher civil servant types.

Regarding the debate last night, does anyone know what the Liberal Dems would have in store for the MOD?..Mr Clegg does not seem to really answer questions, rather talk about the other 'two main' parties.

Im voting Tories this year anyway.

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