CONSERVATIVES have lost my vote!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ozzymaniac, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Tories accuse army of 'saga of atrocities'

    Sick Tories have accused British troops of carrying out a "saga of atrocities" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In a leaflet specially designed to be distributed in Muslim areas, the Tories say Labour has shown its "true colours" in its wars overseas.

    The leaflet says: "We have in front of us a whole saga of atrocities committed in Iraq, in Afghanistan."

    It adds: "As if this was not enough, Labour allowed the Israeli Government to create havoc in Lebanon and Gaza in Palestine, destroying their infrastructure and maiming thousands of innocent civilians.

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    "The Labour Government did nothing, absolutely nothing for a number of days, while the Israelis carried on their inhuman killing of innocent men, women and children."

    The leaflet states: "Published on behalf of Blackburn Conservatives."

    The Tories did not deny the leaflet was theirs but said: "These views do not represent the Conservative Party and we do not condone them."
  2. I don't think this has anything to do with the Conservative party nationaly, just a few of them in Blackburn. Bloody stupid leaflet to put out though. I am voting Conservative this time not because I rate Cameron but because my local MP is a Conservative and seems a damned good one (MP).
  3. Any chance we could see the whole leaflet before we flag the bus down? I'm not convinced frankly.
  4. wheres the link, and you sure its not another parties black hand tactics
  5. Googled it, seems like it did happen.

  6. It's a terrible leaflet, there are no pictures on it.

  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Non-story then unless you don't like the Conservative party.
  8. So it was the local party branch that published it. Non story IMO
  9. Can you point out to me where it says the british army committed these atrocities.

    With the leaflet also referring to atrocities committed in Palestine in the same sentence I would read that it is referring to the fact that the government has allowed actions to occur which destabalise these countries through not having a good plan or poor management. If they did have good plans then many of the issues we have today could have been avoided.

    The local branch of the conservatives just write poorly laid out leaflets.
  10. Stupid leaflet.

    Stupid reason not to vote Tory (unless you live Blackburn and are VERY offended despite its withdrawal.)
  11. Would the local Conservatives happen to be from the religion of peace also?

    I think my vote will go to a party that doesn't pander to anti semitism!!
  12. Yep, because until this point you were out there pounding the streets supporting the Tory cause.
    You are shall we say a little "transparent" in your outrage. 4 posts and this is one of them.
  13. Do you define any criticism of the government of Israel as automatically anti-semitic ?

    Are Israeli citizens who protest about their governments actions in Gaza anti-semitic ?
  14. Looks like a fake. No logos etc