Conservative spy in the Labour Party?

Absolutely nothing to back this up, but:

Conservatives announce they will increase the threshold for inheritence tax. Labour promise a less headline grabbing rise a couple of days later, claiming they were always intending to do so.

Conservatives say they want to see more rape convictions. Labour put forward proposals 2 weeks later to up the number of convictions.

Conservatives talk about immigration policies and how the Government don't have a grip on who's where doing what. Lo and behold, stacks of illegals working in security sensitive posts.

Cameron goes green early, Gordon trys to re-invent himself as the enviro-hugger.

I could go on. Now I would have just thought that it was the Tories getting the march on a mortally wounded Labour, apart from:

Conservatives haven't had an original thought since 'hug a hoody'. A look where that got them.

A FOI request showed that that useless sod Darling had, in fact, started to look at inheritance tax prior to the Conservative announcement.

The Home Office knew 2 weeks before the story broke that illegals were working in security posts.

So discuss the following:

Conservatives have a deep cover operative in the Liarbour organisation who is feeding them tippty top info.

Conservatives have actually discovered fighting spirit and are making real policies (with some luck on the way).

Lairbour are hopelessly inept and making David 'the boy' Cameron look good no matter what he says.
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