Conservative MP defects to Labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Conservative MP "defects"

    Slime ball is something that creeps to mind :roll:

    Words like, "What fecking planet are you on?????" Spring to mind :evil:
  2. Lets hope his electorate will give him the shove on election day :evil:
  3. He's stepping down.
  4. No, he was stepping down as a Tory.

    He's being reported as saying he's staying on if he's returned as a Labour MP

    In Wantage?

    Fat chance
  5. And for "wobbling" on Iraq.
  6. Doesn't matter what side of the House MPs sit on.
    I doubt if there are more truly Representative Members than there are toes on a Leper.
    Red, Blue, Orange, Green: They ALL have their own agendae & it doesn't involve doing what we ask.
    Democracy my arrse.
  7. who? :?
  8. The Tories have messed up quite badly. This idiot should have been chopped months ago.

    I recall driving back from Wales on the day that the body of the weapons inspector Dr Kelly was found. This clown - his local MP (I think) - was on the radio spouting a load of pro-government drivel.

    I think he also voted for tuition fees....must check Hansard, can't remember.

    This will probably blow over in a couple of days because of the old catch 22 that if the Tories are irrelevant, then no one outside Westminster really cares if one of their number jump ship.
  9. I think the Tories are going to have to have a purge. The left wing of the party is well to the left of Bliar on many things and the number of Euro sell-outs is sickening.
  10. It occurred to me that this is not the massive gain for Liabour that some would like to see it portrayed as.

    It makes the Tories look slightly stupid in the short term as they should have ditched this idiot last year.

    However, Liabour have a bit of a liability on their hands. It will not impress the core Liabour party that the Dear Leader is attracting has-been Tories that display a lickspittle sycophancy to the Great Helmsman over such touchstone issues as Iraq and tuition fees. Their other Tory defector(Woodward of the butler and country pile fame) sat very poorly with the party faithful. A defection from the Lib Dems or Respect would mean a lot more to the party faithful who will be required to stuff letterboxes later this year and are, at present, likely to be uninclined to do so.
  11. Not so much. I voted for Emma Nicholson as Tory representative for Torridge and West Devon. She won handsomely and went as MY choice. Bitch did a runner to Lib Dems and stayed in as MP - a direct betrayal and a reason to actively dissuade people from ever voting again for her!
  12. Wasn't Jackson the chap who had to resign as a minister after causing a major security alert at an airport by saying that he had a bomb in his luggage?

    I can't remember - there were so many Tories resigning for corruption, sleaze and general idiocy at the time he ceased to be a minister that the lower-level resignations have all blurred into one.
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Lets us hope that his career as a Labour turncoat is short and uneventful, then he can retire knowing that his friends will never speak to him again. No one loves a traitor
  14. Unfortunately not the case, his wife is still a Tory Euro MP and intending to remain as such. My wife would chop my knackers off if I joined the Labour Party 8O
  15. It does tend to make a mockery of the whole parliamentary process that an MP can suddenly jump ship and represent the party his electorate did not vote for. He's only going to be a Labour MP until the election then he's quitting. Which makes the Tories look even worse if anything.