Conservative flat tax proposal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. About bloody time! Why should someone who earns 40K have to pay proportionally more of their hard earnings than a cleaner in a corner shop. Should we not all contribute the same proportion of our wages, thus ensuring that we all pay an 'equal' amount?

    Thoughts ladies and gentlemen???

  2. Brilliant idea - this is one of the reasons why the economies of Eastern Europe have flourished.

    *can't be easily cheated
    *Is fair - everyone pays a flat rate over a tax-free allowance, none of this "proportionately more" bollox.
    *stimulates economic growth because the overall rate is slightly lower, increases tax revenues because disincentives to work due to higher rates are removed (google "Laffer curve"), and due to it not being cheatable
    *reduces admin costs for businesses
    *Tax return is simply "How much did you earn over £x,000?"

    Tax advisors will hate the idea though, obviously
  3. Of course they will hate it, it'll mean us mortals will have a chance of understanding how much we are 'actually' being charged on our earnings. :D
  4. It's another policy that would play to those who are going to vote for them anyway. It wouldn't help the Tories win back the centre ground IMHO, whether that's a good thing or not.

    Perhaps that's a difference between them and Labour? That they'll propose things they believe in, rather than what the focus groups say will win them the most votes.
  5. I think this may attract a larger number of people who are already bamboozled by the tax maze that we all face now.

    Whatever happened to lower taxes? Labour replaced them with tax rebates. ie, we take you money (when we don't need to), invest it and make a profit, then give it back to you in tax credits. :roll:

    what a responsible way to run an economy!
  6. Utterly irrelevant.

    The Tories are no further away from being seen as the nasty party than they ever were. And with the institutional bias that exists in the popular media, they are stuck with that forever.

    In addition to that, over the last few years they have proved themselves incapable of running a whelk stall

    I despair. What is someone who is a social and economic liberal to do? If I had any religious belief, I would say 'God help us all.' As it is, I vote UKIP simply in order to make mischief.
  7. Tha last figures I saw proposed by the Adam Smith Institute on personal tax, suggsted the following for UK Flate Rate Tax.
    First £12,000 and below No, tax to be paid.
    Everything above £12,000 tax paid at 22%.
    No exemptions for anything, none ,zero, zilch.
  8. excellent idea and about time

    have lived in a flat tax country and regardless of the ecomonic half wits seem to think, it works

    for those who seem chained to their socialist paradise myths, perhaps they can put up a coherent arguement aside from, "ah, fecking tories, useless gits, blah,....."
  9. ... balls. The poor pay a far higher proportion - think of VAT.

    I for one would be up for a genuinely flat rate, if we could get rid of unfair and disproportionate taxes, so that those of us on the average wage or less could stop subsidising the rich.

    PS I vote for a ten year jail term for tax dodging, dole cheating and all other forms of theft from the state (except taking compo tea bags home, obviously)
  10. If they are genuinely poor, then a lot of what they buy constitutes essentials of life are is thus not subject to VAT. If they choose to spend it on booze, fags, Kappa tracksuits & nike trainers that's their perogative.

    And your second comment - "subsidising the rich"? That's a pretty twisted way of looking at it. Just because they have less taken from them (due to exploiting loopholes) does NOT equate to a subsidy. You make it sound like poor people GIVE money to the rich.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    And the prospects of politicians being able to leave a really simple scheme alone, without meddling with it? About the same.....

  12. Hey I'm poor, I lose about 25% of my Pay in taxes, then I have huge council tax bills piled on top of it. I'd be better off unemployed, and letting you lot pay for me...

    Out fecking standing. That instantly saves me about £400 a month. I'm eligable for ax credits... Eligable for £0.00. Thanks alot Mr bloody Brown.

    BTW VAT, it's placed on white goods, no? So a fridge and washing machine catch VAT, as do (most?) Utillities. Those are essentials of life... no? anyway, after a breif scan of the web, it seems there are no exeptions to VAT, just normal rate of 17.5% and a reduced rate of 5%.
  13. msr

    msr LE


    Currently the most important zero-rated goods are:

    * Most food (not alcohol, soft drinks, confectionery and crisps and meals out)
    * Construction of new dwellings
    * Domestic passenger transport
    * Books, newspapers and magazines
    * Medicines on prescription
    * Children's clothing

  14. Am all for it - besides, think of all the tax inspectors you could "retire" in the process!!!!
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I would welcome flat tax rates as long as they were introduced alongside an abolition of the current benefit system and the introduction of a logical welfare state that focused on welfare to work and a decent level of support for the genuinely needy.