Conservative Defence Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pdf27, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Given how little detail they seem to have been giving about their defence policy, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the content of this speech by Soames at RUSI the other day. Transcript is below - comments?

    Source is:
  2. Thanks for that. Good presentation to RUSI, better than I would have expected from Mr Soames if I was to go by his usual fat boy image. And some commendably specific policy undertakings.

    I think the other main party defence spokesmen have also addressed RUSI, could we see their lectures too please?
  3. Labour's policies of over-commitment, underfunding and betrayal speak for themselves, not surprisingly the Lib Dems don't even appear to have an armed forces policy (search their website) , so well done to the tories for being so specific about their policies. This particularly hit a chord...

  4. Yeah, I was quite impressed too. Shame he can't tell the difference between a Frigate and a Destroyer!

    Labour haven't addressed RUSI yet (TCH is due to speak on Wednesday the 13th - transcript will probably be here when he does) but the Lib Dems have. Speech is below - far less impressive.

    Source is:
  5. I could find only two clearly stated commitments to a very vague speech on Defence policy it is surely not?

    Defence procurement is a bit of a problem though at the moment.

    Specifically quoted as this is after all an Army Forum although I know other Services were named.

    Everything else remains a little bit wishy washy.
  6. ......And lots of talk of committees, and letting Europe/Nato take the strain.
  7. Sounds intresting, and good to hear someone actually wants the forces to become better , rather than shrimping on the cash injection they so desperatly need.

    It also sounds as though someone has been reading arse about all the thread with B Lair in them
  8. Yeah, like I said I wasn't impressed with it. About the firmest commitment in the Lib Dem speech was to not replace Trident when it comes up for replacement...
    The other dumb bit is claiming that there wouldn't be enough pilots to crew all the Typhoons the MoD is buying - of course there won't, the attrition reserves have to come from somewhere! If that's the calibre of the Lib Dem defence spokesman I'm fairly glad they won't get in power.
  9. How did that song know the Robson and Jerome thing?


    'I believe for every'

    ironically, the statement appears to be unequivocally committed to being non-commital........safest way I suppose blame it all on the 'bloke who was here before me' :wink:

    Lib-Dems a bit this a bit that

    Edited for Gramma :wink:

    love you gramma
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmm he does know we have to pay for them whether we take them or not? So not entirely sure where this 2bn saving is coming from. His justification for not needing the aircraft is just sound bite bollox with no basis in fact.
    He doesn’t propose any reforms at all, other than canning the 3rd tranche of Typhoon and paying anyway. Does this guy get out much? Mans a muppet. And the Lib Dems claim to be a quality party and a credible opposition – I wouldn’t trust them with cleaning my windows if this is the calibre of people they have……. :roll: :roll: :roll: Thank god they have no hope of being in government - I think I would prefer labour over them and that is saying something.
  11. Labour has a plan for the Armed Forces..weaken them to the extent that joining a common European Defence Force is the only viable option left.

    The Lib/Dems just prefer to believe it appears.
  12. I would take the Tories statement with a pinch of salt, I was recently at a meeting which happened to be the one where Howard Flight made that statement about cutting spending and subsequently got sacked by that twat Howard. While I was only there for the free bar and an attempt to get into a young ladies favour... honest. Flight, when asked about defence claimed that the Tories would save money by cutting "back office" staff and civil servants and moved very quickly onto annother extremely boring subject. I got the distinct impression he was glossing over any further cuts and the Tories would save the day by cutting civil servants?????

    Lets not forget a recent post on Arrse in relation to Oliver Letwin being a member of a group advocating the right to not pay taxes which would be used as part of the defence budget... total twat

    While I will always have more time for Soames in that at least he gave some brief service and he continues to be proud of this, the Tories as a party are bad for the military just not as bad as the flower children of Labour and the Lib Dems.
  13. I am confused by all this political waffle regarding Tory Defence spending. Bunter says:

    Defence Spending

    There has been a great deal of misinformation from the Labour Party about Conservative defence expenditure plans and I am grateful for this opportunity to put the record straight. My party is committed to spending £2.7 billion in cash more than the present government on frontline defence.

    The James Review has identified an additional £1.6 billion of efficiency savings over and above those identified in the Gershon Review and the Shadow Chancellor has agreed to reallocate a further £1.1 billion to defence from James Review savings in other departments.

    So overall then Fatty we what have you got, will the Tories give the MOD got more or less than the present Lab plan - it's as clear as....mud ?

    The James Review WAS a Conservative initiative. Tories (Letwin) said last year that they would cut overall Defence spending, has this changed ? Where ARE these "efficiency savings" ? - discuss

    I would not trust any of the Red, Blue & Ginga leaders on any Defence issue. We are the cheapest, easily disposable, uncontentious reduction in public expenditure that (unless there is a conflict) Joe Public will readily accept this painless saving.

    Ony another month of this crap to go - the election result is over, Lab maj of 50-80, no chance of the required Tory swing in one election unless photographic evidence shows TB sharing a shower with Michael Jackson (the famous American pop star!).
  14. Forces are always an easy option to hit, no doubt whoever gets in will hit us once again, with the catch phrase's....streamlining, new concepts of operations, more technology to assist the soldier blah, blah, blah :roll:

    We can only be stripped so far before we become ineffective, and that is not so far away :evil:
  15. Conservative Defence Policy points...

    1) Criticise Labour
    2)Talk a good war
    3)Find out it is a very bad and long war
    5)If found, prevaricate
    6)Go for walk around St James Park...
    7)Do nothing very different much at all...
    9)Cut the RAF, they are a soft touch.

    (Found in Fatty Soames In-tray by secret Cuddles intelligence assets)