Conscription when?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2404Motorman, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Conscription

    I haven't really got a clue about this, excepting that instinct and common sense tell me that the Army cannot continue to be overstretched in this manner.

    If new theatres of war open, it is clear that conscription will have to become an issue.

    Political suicide for whoever introduces it, but tell me - those in the know - those currently serving or retired with an understanding of manpower requirements, how likely is conscription?

    A personal interest has concentrated my mind - what future for my 13 year-old Grandson?
  2. The day after never.

    No politician - no, not even Bush - is THAT stupid.

    Your grandson may face many dangers. Being conscripted will not be one of them.

    And the Army will continue to be overstretched. What's the alternative - it's not like the poor buggers can go on strike. The Armed Forces will continue to be treated like the red-headed step child until the whole system crashes and burns and we lose a major war.

    At which time the politicians MIGHT admit that more money/equipment/boots on the ground might be needed. Although, of course, it was'nt the fault of the current government, Heavan forfend...
  3. IMHO No we dont want conscription, we pride ourselves on being a well trained, motivated Army and soldiers who are not press ganged. I went to a Army presentation a few years ago as a Recruiter and was asked by a couple of Mayors the same question, they just want the riff raff Chav's off the street. Why should we take people who dont want to be there and have to do the dirty work for the Goverment.
  4. Yeah - but since when did the Army get what it want's?!

    Like I said, I don't see National Service being introduced, short of another World War. But this is because of cost, both financial and poilitical. It's got fcuk all to do with what the Army, or civilians for that matter, wants.

    Trust me: if the politicians decide there is something in it for them, it'll happen so fast it will make your head spin.

  5. Thanks The_IRON. I know from your previous posts that you are actively involved on the recruiting front, and are well placed to make an assessment.

    I agree that a well trained volunteer army is preferable to a conscripted army. But that is not my point. Even if we did not extend ourselves militarily any further for, say, the next five years. With the attrition, retirement and recruiting rates as they are (which you know far better than I) is conscription likely?
  6. Very good points Frank except that blame for any defeat will inevitably be passed onto the Forces as a politician will never admit responsibility for a f*ck up.
  7. My bad! :twisted:
  8. All good arguments. But conscription is only ever necessary when the requirement for soldiers exceeds the available supply of volunteer recruits. We could expand the size of the army just by recruiting more young crows inn britain and abroad and holding on to the ones we've got. A bit of de-malgamatiion would do wonders for retention rates as there would be plenty of promotion opportunities.
  9. I want conscription. I want them all to go through it. I'll vote for any f*cker who introduces it and the max age should be 35 (if unemployed and still living with your mum). There's no evidence whatsoever that National Service would damage a professional Army. Round them up. I'd even come back in just to drag them out of their little hovels and they wouldn't have to pay me much as I'd get so much job satisfaction. I'll do the dirty work and so would many like me. No wuckin furries. If it removes sh*te from the streets for 18 months or two years at a time, do it. There's plenty of it and I'm sick to death having to breath the same air as c*nts in burberry caps and knobs in stupid little cars who haven't paid a day's tax in their sorry little lives but know exactly what 'they' are 'entitled' to.

    'Get some in lads' as me old Grandad used to say.....'Get some in'.
  10. Deep, deep down I do have similar views Biscuit but would worry about the likes of us losing our pensions for dropping some little scrote. I wouldnt like to have to put some of these hard men to bed either as there crying into their pillows when there having to fend for themselves asking for mummy. At least majority of young lads who volenteer to join want to be there and change (or dont want to) being a CHAV

    Answer to the question still is NO on thinking there will be conscription and No to do I want Conscription.
  11. Never mind him. What about me?

    I believe the Americans have been recalling retired servicemen. Could this happen here?

    If so, what is the maximum age limit for service? Is it 50+ as for those already serving?

    And finally, part of my training involved learning how to keep sails dry in a sail locker. New fangled technology like plasma screens and GPS is a closed book to me. Would MoD still want me?
  12. It works in youth offender establishments, it would work in the Army. Either get your time in son, or smash rocks. Either way, we'll get two years out of you. You assault anyine, you add six months to your time. No need for violence when you have that in your armoury. And every time they hit some one, the tariff goes up.

    It'll never happen I know, but I sure wish it f*cking would. The same for every immigrant who comes over here looking for a 'better life'. I've no problem with your ambitions for you and your family, I wish you the very best, but you'll do some time in the mob first. You can have an MQ and access to everything we have from the start, but you'll wear a uniform for two years and you'll earn those passports for you and your family by doing so.

    Iron...slightly off topic but are you a bird or a bloke? I say bloke but another poster reckons you're a Doris?
  13. I sure hope they would. It'll get you to f*ck out of our faces for a while.

  14. I would'nt worry too much mate! I came off the reserve finally age 45 - mind you they did say I could keep my kit - slightly worrying :?
  15. A bloke mate. Well Im normally a VMA but at present doing a VMB (squat to p*ss)job in a wheeled Vehicle unit.

    Some good views Biscuit do you realise theres a vacant job as Deputy prime minister today get your CV in quick you never know, you have a better idea of the country then they do.

    Ps your other poster wouldnt be Slug by any chance :?