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A very weak report from the usually good Newsnight program. Since when has the the fact that there have been 4 conscientious objectors out of the 7000 or so reservists mobilised, been worthy of news. There are some real lessons to be learnt from mobilising reservists but the fact that a Flt sgt can't quote Queens Regs off the top of his head isn't one of them. :evil:

"And Jon Manel has the first interview with a man who joined the RAF, but refused to serve in the Iraq war on the grounds that he didn't think the war was justified."

(View the program from the 6th about half way through)
Not only was this a weak report, it was biased.

They didn't mention that this little shit initially tried to get out of going because he said he had to help out in the family business; his moral objections and religious enthusiasm came later.

Nor did the report point out that ignorance of QRs etc. is no excuse, something every serviceman knows. Presumably he took the oath of allegiance when he attested; I don't remember anything in it about having a choice on religious grounds.

Thankfully he lost his appeal against conviction and sentence.
The part when the Defence Minister stated that all servicemen were fully aware of all Queens Regs was amusing I thought.
tigger_c/s_30 said:
Hang the bast**** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So he'll fight for 'his' country, unless the enemy belong to 'his' religion. Presumably then if it came down to us against Bin Liner he'd be off to join the Taliban.

Hanging gets my vote!
An interesting point. Many of the arab muslim troops guarding western(and other) residential compounds in Saudi Arabia are decidedly dodgy, to the extent that should an attack against one of them reoccur, it is suspected by some residents (allegedly) that it would initially be a meeting of minds rather than a conflict. The attack against the al-Muhaya compound in Riyadh is particularly interesting from this point of view as it was apparently started with a 'fierce' gunbattle, however it is very possible that the target was selected as the least likely to put up credible resistance. The loyalty of troops to pixies and fairies rather than their fellow man and his national interests is something surely exercising the recruiters in the UK and US as well as other supposedly Western armies.

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