Cons to low resistance workout

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by redout, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Could someone please explain the cons to low resistance as opposed to high resistance. Doing a workout on a machine with a low resistance set seems to burn more calories according to the monitor. I am a bit confused about the whole thing. I use to workout regularly on a bike at level 6 of 8 and then switched to level 3 of 8 and found it seems to burn more calories although the effort seems lower you obviously do more rpms etc but I presume that their must be a downside to this. The main aim here is weight loss first. Any help appreciated.
  2. Minute for minute high resistance training will burn more calories as your body is working harder. There is much debate whether the 'fat burning zone' exists. Why don't you just mix the two. At least that way you will also gain the benefit of getting much fitter.
  3. What you said does seem to make sense and is what I always suspected but why is it the bike tells me figures which contradict this.

    15min at 40km/ph on a low resistance 250 cals

    15min at 25km/ph on a high resistance 170 cals

    This is the thing that puzzles me. I know the monitors on these machines are not exactly accurate but I just dont get it. Is it that after the high resistance is finished the body still burns calories whereas the low resistance stops burning one you finish ?
  4. The readouts on the machines are often complete balls. If I speedmarch up a slope on the treadmill at 15% at a given heartrate, and then flatten it and run at the same heartrate, it tells me that running burns fantastically more calories. The biff that wrote the program didn't know what he was doing. The bikes are the same - spin the pedals pointlessly and it tells you you are Lance Armstrong. Last night I came off after twenty minutes of intervals, saturated in sweat, gasping and stinking of ammonia, and I didn't even look at the calorie count because it doesn't mean anything.

    Mind you, if you are trying to sustain a speed by (in effect) pushing a ridiculously big "gear" that will interfere with your ability to work and burn calories, just as it would if you went out on the road with a 250 inch gear on a real bike.