conrad mcloughlin of east lancashire regiment

Hi everyone,
I wonder if anybody out there can help me with the following. I am new to WW2 service research but I've done a lot on WW1.

I am trying to trace the service details of Conrad McLoughlin who joined the 1st battalion of East Lancashire Regiment from the Manchester Regiment during the latter part of WW1. He started as a private and worked his way up to Colonel by the end of his service in the early 1950's. I know the ELR were allocated the numbers 3377001-3433000 but his number in 1940 was 163269. This came from the London Gazette in Jan 1941 when he was promoted from W.O.II to Lieutenant.I assume that officers had a different batch of numbers to the troops.

In summer 1945 he was a captain and serving in India/Burma as he was unable to get back home for his daughters' marriage. In 1947, he was a major and had a home address of 3 Windermere Ave, Sale. The 1st battalion ELR served mainly in North Western Europe but the 2nd Battalion served in S.Africa, East Africa and India/Burma. It looks as though he must have transferred from 1st Bn. to 2nd at some point, possibly when he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Can anyone throw some light on the above or suggest a site to look for more information.
Many thanks for any anticipated help.

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