Conqueror ARV.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by harry7134, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick query from an ex REME who should know better, but can anyone tell me if the 17/21st Lancers ever had any Conqueror ARV`s "on the books" when they were resident in Sennelager? ( 1960-1975).

  2. Did such a vehicle exist?
  3. Tiny you should know better!!! :D
  4. ScotsDgs Osnabruck 74 till 78. The LAD had a Conk Arv. :p
  5. Thanks for replies, not surprised a Gunnery Instructor had not heard of them , as the GI`s tend to have "tube vision"! (Sorry).
    The reason behind the question is that way down in my memory bank is a vision of a Reccy Mech turning up at the gate of 4 Armd Wksp, one Saturday morning, sans commander, in his Conqueror ARV, having driven it from Sennelager.
    His excuse? He wanted a Saturday night out with his friends in Detmold!
    And since HGV`s were banned on the roads on Sundays, he could not be returned to his unit until Monday.
    Since then my memory has decayed and no one else seems to remember the incident, but if I am wrong, I can at least claim senility as an excuse.
    Harry. :?
  6. Was that at Imphal Bks?..Can't remember one prior to that date..I wonder where it came from, and where did it end up..Probably Hohne Ranges :(
  7. Don´t remeber seeing it on scheme, but it was a big, squeaky bastard of a thing. All those little road rollers, still hear it in my dreams.
    It was the first AFV I seen on the Tank Park the morning after deplaning at Gut!
  8. Actually there were 2 Mks of Conq ARV with Mk2 being the best and most powerful till Challenger ARV.