Conniving work mates.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Having recently arrived in my new post i have come to realise that my new colleagues are conniving gets! They have figured out my username by hacking the system! (apparently my persec is shite!) and are even now reading my previous post (admittedly there all of a very low standard). but it got me thinking of revenge, so what i need are good uns to get the gits with.
  2. Not much really, as if they work in the same office as you, they are all a bunch of speccy geeks. You might want to consider hiding their Clearisil.
  3. If they work in carpeted offices I would sugget pooring milk on their carpets, sprinkle on some watercress seed and but up the heat over a long weekend - sit back and watch the grass grow!
  4. I shall be happy to pass on your coments to the office old man. the 9th12th lancer type geezer will be chuffed to bits with that comment.
  5. Just a point, but if they're reading your posts, won't they see this thread and thus take appropriate countermeasures? :?

    I do like The Office's idea of stationary in various colours of jelly though, I plan to do it to a mates car one day. :D
  6. Dead fish behind the radiator?

    I know it is an old one,but ...........
  7. Theres depreciation for you. Last week you told me he was 9th/13th !!

    0.75 Lancers eh?
  8. Nah, prawns. The cress is an old one as well.

    Get a Sunday trashy newspaper mag and fill in the coupons for Stannah Chairlifts, Franklin Mint "Lady Di" Plates, Hearing Aids etc. etc. etc. with their names as the opposite sex and a dodgy job title.

    Oh and don't forget to look to get them free tampon samples.

    Tried and tested and works.
  9. sh1t mailing is always a classic & can take forever to get rid of.

    also try all the lonely hearts adverts with them aleways having those obscure past-times so that they get replies from the real nutters. :D :D :D :D

  10. FFS please don't tell me that both you AND gay-boy guru are now located in Aldershot.

    WTF is going on, it really has hit an all-time low if they've allowed you pair of mongs here.
  11. Ah, memories of Bosnia 96 when we put a "Lonely Hearts" in the Forces Weekly Whatever because his "daddy had a yacht". Oh the fun we had.

    Serves the fecker right for ripping the last page out of my book while I was "The Enforcer of the 2 Can Rule".

    Revenge is sweet.
  12. Frankly, I wouldn't bother. In my experience you don't have the wherewithall to be able to find a decent wind up and execute it correctly. I would just carry on from your previous post and just accept your position as office gimp!

    p.s. post forwarded to your new address.
  13. Have we met? or are you that skank me and guru put one up the other day! you was crap and i want my 40p back.
  14. Funny isn't it? This reputation you have for liking (or even licking) knobs seems to follow you everywhere you go.....? I have to ask why?