Connecting with people overseas.


I wasn't sure whether to post this in music or welfare so if the mods think it should be elsewhere please move it there. Thanks.

The reason for my posting is I wanted to throw an idea out to people to see how sensible it was, whether it would work and whether people would support it.

I work in radio in the UK and have set up an internet radio show dedicated to connecting folks back home with those deployed overseas. Now I understand this will only hook up with those based in the larger camps or those returning from patrols into camp, but I thought we can write all we like, but there is nothing like hearing a voice from back home and with a podcast that voice can be played over and over to bring the smile back to someone's face, or give that level of re-assurance that is sometimes needed overseas.

The show is called Rocking the Troops. It hasn't posted it's first show yet, but the idea is to allow people back home to connect with voice messages to troops from the UK and the US who are serving overseas. This is intended to cover all services, Army, Air-force, Marines and Navy.

Now the idea is to make it free of charge to those passing a message to loved ones serving overseas as well as not incurring any costs to those serving, so I have set up a number in Durham 0191 645 3114 where messages can be left for mates and family overseas. The idea is to connect family and friends however please, before you leave a message please read the guidelines to ensure the personal safety of those overseas. Your normal telephone company charges will apply for the call. Though it really is as easy as leaving a message on someone's answering machine.

Messages from home will be slotted inbetween music and this is all strictly not for profit. As this is just a hobby, not a commercial operations we can't afford to licence music from the charts.

If your relative or mate has a music preference Rock, Hip Hop, RnB etc. we'll try to play an appropriate piece of music before or after your message.

If you have any further questions I'll do my best to answer.

Best wishes,


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