Connecting my Sky+ box to my PC



Is it possible to connect a Sky+ box to your PC so you can watch sky on your monitor?

I'm trying to save a bit of space in my room and was thinking of getting rid of my old TV and connecting my Sky+ box to my PC.

I've searched online and the answers seem to be pretty inconclusive, I know I'd need a tv card/hdmi capture card and to do some fiddling with Windows Media Center. Has anyone tried this, if so what was the outcome?

I know I could connect my PC to my TV/a smaller tv but I'm not really interested in doing that as my TV takes up a fair bit of the limited space in my room. I'm also not that bothered about recording things from Sky.

**EDIT** I know Sky player is another option but the wifi in the block isn't very reliable.


Does you current TV have a vga slot, then you could double this as a monitor ?
I'm not at work at the moment so can't check, but I'm looking at downsizing as my current Tv is taking up too much room.

Have you thought about getting rid of your monitor and your TV, and getting a new flatscreen that doubles as both a TV and a monitor?

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I honestly hadn't thought of that, when I got the idea of trying this I went straight for the difficult option rather than the obvious one.

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