Conneach or Jonwilly

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. OK, who's back garden is this?

    I know it can't be Flashes, his Bradford Council Terrace doesn't have a garden :D

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  2. That is Sad, saw a gazelle cockpit on the back of a civvy lorry the other day XZ 315. It was gutted inside less the flying controls. Sad thing was that I flew that aircraft. :( :( :(

    Guess these things will be cropping up more often.
  3. Did you recall the tail number from your log book or your spotters guide :D

    I just found this of Flash converting to type after being binned from Lynx

  4. 627 one of my old cabs from first field unit, 8 Flt when it wuz dan Plymouth, Coypool, before we became 666 Squn on our tour of N.I. Ballykelly 1969.
    john Ta Much
    601 Had it's T/R blades shorten by 4 inchs at Farnbough. OC shorted Lts chin by about six inches Don't Boss Don't SMACK.
    628 Ar' PIP found the cracked Nimbus Free Turbine on this one L/Bdr PIP (RA) . Rolls and REME had search far yonks.
  5. that Scout is in Leicester somewhere isn't it?
  6. MDN Thanks for the thought but I never flew 627. Closest registration that I have flown was 632.
    Its such a shame that these old ladies are allowed to get into this condition.

    Muttley, I too flew 315, 670 Squadron.