Connaught Barracks Dover

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Discipline, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. The Prison Service is in talks with Dover District Council to use
    Connaught Barracks as an open prison, following agreement in
    principle with the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
    The new open prison will house around 200 prisoners initially
    who have been risk assessed as suitable for open conditions.
    There is no intention to hold sex offenders there.
    The Prison Service anticipates utilising the open prison for around
    five years. Prison Service staff will run the prison although further recruitment is likely to be necessary. It is anticipated that prisoners
    will be arriving towards the end of the year.
    The accommodation at Connaught has been identified as suitable
    for conversion to prison use, and has only recently been
    decommissioned by the MOD. The premises are already secure and a planning application for change of use is not required.
    The Prison Service has already increased prison capacity by
    over 4,000 in the last two years including building additional
    places at existing prisons and the return to use of accommodation
    as well as the construction of two new prisons. The extra spaces
    provided by the barracks will relieve pressure on prisons whilst we continue to look at other options to expand the prison estate in the
    short term.

    I wonder how long this was in the planning?
  2. Probally for years ????? However , its a damn shame there is no longer a Battalion based in Dover. Nu Aggers & Damages have never been the same since !!!!!! Besides how many more prisons does Dover actually need ? Pretty soon the local population will be outnumbered by prisoners & asylum seekers (if there is such a thing). As the gateway to our country Dover should be a prosperous, well heeled town & not the rundown dumping ground for undesirables its sadly become. If anything they should empty the Immigrant Removal center (i.e actually start deporting ) & use that. Afterall it is a purpuose built prison. Then lets see an Infantry Bn back in Connaught. At least a few hundered Soldiers will put money into the local economy which is a lot more than a few hundred prisoners & a few thousand asylum seekers who will only take money OUT of the local economy.
  3. Much as I would like to see an Inf Bn back at Connaught Bks, in the current political/financial climate the trnd is towards closure of bases and consolidation towards the vaunted 'super garrisons'. The strain on the prisons system through overcrowding makes measures such as this inevitible.
  4. ....didn't I read somewhere that the prison in Aldington (the other side of Folkestone around 45 mins away) is disused?

    (Connaught was a great posting 78-81 & I don't like the thought of it being used to house prisoners).
  5. Yep Aldington would be ideal. All it needs is a little TLC to get it in shape. Trouble is its in prime commuter territory. In Ashford brownfield sites such as Aldington nick command ridiculus real estate prices. Therefore I would expect the HO to trouser a huge amount of cash from a developer rather than reopen it. Especially when theres an empty barracks just down the road. A crying shame is,nt it.

    I can see your point Invicta, Templer/Rowcroft bks here in Ashford is now a housing estate, Shornecliffe is a shadow of its former self, I heard rumours St Martins plain camp is going....... How long do you give Howe bks in Canterbury. I suppose being so close to Aldershot will sadly see the military presence in Kent gradually erode away. Lydd ranges & Brompton bks may only be our saving grace.

  6. The prison service is undermanned at all locations, further
    recruitment is necessary to man this prison, there will be
    quite a few job opportunities for this new prison in all grades.
    The service gives TA personnel 2 weeks paid leave and the
    Odd weekends.
    Any TA Personnel unemployed ?
  7. Use it as an open prison? Has anyone told them that the Duke of York's School is right next door?

  9. I suspect once the Old Boy's Association hears about it, there will certainly be some comparisons made...:)
  10. I remember a Nepolionic graveyard in the shadow of Dover Castle on the way to the Sgts mess that once stood near the Bleriot memorial; I was gutted to see it had been dug up (& the mess demolished) when I returned to visit in 2004. Can anyone tell me what happened to the graves?

    (It was common to frighten the sh*t out of nigs when they patrolled past it by night!)
  11. Hello to everyone who is concerned with the possibility of Connaught Barracks becomming an Open prison.I have never joined a chat room or left a message before BUT all I ask is PLEASE PLEASE..if any of you are close enough to Dover then PLEASE can you attend our meeting against the Open Prison .This is being held at the Dover Town Hall on Wed 27th September starting at 7.30pm. You will be able to sign our petition. ALSO on Saturday 30th September we will have a parade from the Market Square to the Town Hall, Starting at 11am. The more people who join in..the Home Office will have to listen !
  12. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I live near Dover but work aborad. Have you thought about an Electronic Petition as well so that we can all make our feelings known.
  13. Thankyou for that thought, This afternoon we are hoping to have a website up and running to try and link into the petition. can i say Thankyou for support
  14. I agree bit time - Connaught was a cracker posting for me too (89-91 RGJ). Bouncing across to France on a boomerang boat trip, student bashing at Canterbury and staggering to barracks up that f**ing hill after a skinful and no taxi fare - memorys.
  15. Not heard much about SMP, but have heard that Howe will be taken over by the University, and the only PWRR association at Canterbury will be RHQ with a small admin staff.

    S.E Kent has been FUBAR so many times in the past it is time it stopped.

    Royal Engineers from Whitfield / Dover
    Royal Signals from Ashford, ( LT may comment on this one!).
    Royal Marines in Deal
    RAF at Manston
    Parachute Regiment Dover

    The RGR must be thinking when are we next!

    Dover District Council need a kick *********** for the state of Dover, the first port of call for many when you come to this country, and what do you see as you come out of the Docks.

    B&B`s full of immigrants, a bloody great concrete monstrosity, a so called hotel, run down buildings close to being derelict and harry ramps in the underpasses busking no sorry begging.

    The town has lost its pride, I am sorry to say.

    Bring back the troops, make it a garrison again, lets boost its revenue again and DDC spend it to clean up the town and revitalize it.

    The Para`s were great in Dover, I had a few good games of pool in the Ellie when they where in , great guys!

    An old RE mate of mine preferred Dover to Brompton!

    Any way my rant is over.