Conmael retires

He's the first dog in nearly 10 years to survive the Micks. He deserves a medal, never mind retirement!
Is it still a Regimental custom in the Micks that the Junior Drummer gets his balls licked by the dog after his first Guard Mount?
He is he still going to be fed the traditional meal of last nights kebab?
That custom sadly came to an end around 2004/5 after an unfortunate over-dosing incident.
Remind me where did Shergar go...
The Irish Times just reported that it's been discovered that the IRA kidnapped him in a botched ransom attempt. When they found he was too well-know to keep safely, he was butchered and sold off as meat in Irish butchers shops.

They are going to commemorate him in a new race called the...

...wait for it...

... Shergar Stakes

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