Conmael retires

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by fairy_nuff, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Conmael aged 5yrs Irish Guards mascot is retiring to Tipperary his replacement is 3months old. Enjoy running free!

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  2. He's the first dog in nearly 10 years to survive the Micks. He deserves a medal, never mind retirement!
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  3. One mascot got a medal as he went to Northern Ireland with the Micks, might have been Fergal he was a loon
  4. Remind me where did Shergar go...
  5. Is it still a Regimental custom in the Micks that the Junior Drummer gets his balls licked by the dog after his first Guard Mount?
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  6. Into the stomachs of hundreds of Irish sausage lovers.
  7. And this hound? similar fate...?
  8. No, I'm sure the chav population of Ireland will have set their land sharks onto the gangly hound in the first instance.
  9. Glue factory
  10. No trace thereafter then... oh wait a minute...
  11. He is he still going to be fed the traditional meal of last nights kebab?
  12. That custom sadly came to an end around 2004/5 after an unfortunate over-dosing incident.
  13. Thats ruff that is.
  14. RIP fat former mascot.
  15. Oh God the diarrhoea!