Well done to all those who came off the WO1 Brd especially

NT 14 Regt
JM 19 Regt
GL 4 Regt
PM 26 Regt (Ex 97 Bty go on son!)
PM RSA (go on squeak!)
NP 4 Regt (BSM Lawson’s enough said)
MS 29 Cdo - well done scouse

And a special shout to RP at the RSA (chirpy Cockney Geezer get in thier!)

And last of all big Swede the spick himself well done WA at 3 RHA see having me as your BCs ack did you no harm

Well done to all have a good Christmas
Two from 4 Regt :) Served with them 90 - 96 before Alf Garnetts Commandos got their claws into me and dragged me off to other places!

I may have had a cabbage head for 10 years after that, but somehow always felt a Gunner at heart!

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