Fantastic news...congratulations to all..... am now trying to recover from the celebrations
Well done to all those who came off the WO1 Brd especially

NT 14 Regt
JM 19 Regt
GL 4 Regt
PM 26 Regt (Ex 97 Bty go on son!)
PM RSA (go on squeak!)
NP 4 Regt (BSM Lawson’s enough said)
MS 29 Cdo - well done scouse

And a special shout to RP at the RSA (chirpy Cockney Geezer get in thier!)

And last of all big Swede the spick himself well done WA at 3 RHA see having me as your BCs ack did you no harm

Well done to all have a good Christmas
Two from 4 Regt :) Served with them 90 - 96 before Alf Garnetts Commandos got their claws into me and dragged me off to other places!

I may have had a cabbage head for 10 years after that, but somehow always felt a Gunner at heart!
Well done to the cooky monster at 40. Nice one!
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