Discussion in 'Officers' started by wg100, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Congratulations to all the shiny new One-Pip-Wonders who passed off the square at RMAS yesterday. Attended a good shindig in the evening.

    May they all go forth and spread havoc!
  2. They will, wg100, they will.

  3. Thought there was something amiss when a bunch of suit clad men jumped aboard the reading train at sandhurst station, all carrying issue black grips and metre long photos the course.


  4. Travelling first 'clarrse' were they?
  5. I'm also amused when I take the train through Darlington; young skin heads, with framed photos from the ITC, talking loudly and drinking beer.
  6. More than the thousands of courses before them?
  7. Happy memories :D

    Somewhere out there are a bunch of Pl/Tp Sgts about to say - WTF :?
  8. I can feel the waves of RD bemused bewilderment reaching me in my ivory tower as we speak. Brings warmth to my cold Staff Officer heart.

  9. They're not letting me loose on real soldiers for at least a year or two but seem to think I'm ready to take on the challenges of helping to train phase 2 soldiers. Many apologies in advance to all the bewildered Airtroopers.
  10. Serious question as I am an old fart who has been out for a while but how can a first tour subaltern train young soldiers. Only second tour or even more senior subalterns were allowed anywhere near recruits.
  11. A young officer with a pipe can do ........ (pauses for excessive puffing) ..... anything.
  12. Yes, well done Orifice. Saw you at Sandbags on Friday but didn't get a chance to say it in person.
  13. It would appear R-M, that some corps... use this post as a grounding experience before Phase 2. I know of one Int Corp subbie that did this. However I agree with you, more senior with a bit of experience of the real army is a better stance to take than fresh from the factory. I further think that actually it should be the better Officers from a Regiment that go to ATRA not the next one in line.
  15. CM

    Perhaps, but certainly not more than yours! :boogie: