Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by devexwarrior, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. the survivors of Squad 112 which formed up at Ashford on Monday 5th January 1987.
  2. Not that many of you chaps about nowadays eh?
  3. Sprogs!
  4. What he said.
  5. surprised you could read it Rebel :)

    I SAID... oh forget it.
  6. Oh do feck off............ arrived there as an 'attached arm' slightly out of my depth among all of you 'talented' t#ats. :D Good tour though. Utter bunch of likeable people.
  7. Forget what. :wink:
  8. not sure... think you ordered chips?
  9. Who are you? do you know when my sons coming to see me?
  10. No one ever puts up a congratulatory note to mark the forming up of Squad 15 in Ashford in July 1967. Is eveyone else dead? :(
  11. no, they just can't work these newfangled computer thingies.
  12. Squad 15! - What about Squad 14? - Most of me is still around!...
  14. Eeeeeeeee, makes a 107 er feel like a reet crow!