Congratulations to the new REME Cpls

Discussion in 'REME' started by The_IRON, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Im on a well deserved REN-Leave at the moment but have just been told about a couple of lads from the LAD who have picked up. Well done to all those who's just picked up on the LCPL-CPL promotion board and better luck next year to the other ones who didnt quite make it.

    Havent seen the full list yet but know a lot of units have released it due to Summer leave.

  2. Cpl REME, just a rank below God.
  3. Got to agree with you there I felt Invincible when a full screw and had plenty of years maximising its potential, you start treading on eggshells again when you become a SNCO.

    Edited to please the CNUT ThemaaKNOB
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the Cpls Promotions, they aren't supposed to be published till tomorrow.
  5. There not but a lot of units have released them due to block leave etc.

    Why do they have staffy board in April (Easter) and Cpl board now when everyone goes on Summer leave :?
  6. It's 'invincible' not unvincible.... there is no such thing!

    REME.... hmm, hive of, nah.....
  7. I put it in on purpose so a C0CK like you could pick it up, are you still looking for you teddy you CNUT (spelt like that on purpose before you say).

    edited to say thank you and I will change it to INVINCIBLE just for you.

  8. With your obvious knowledge of the English language perhaps you can explain "Hive off"
  9. climbing a sinking ladder, what a feeling!
  10. So, that makes REME sgt God.........umm.