Congratulations to 'RAT CAP'

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbs, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The world record for getting sacked as an officer goes to Lt Monkey for sleeping with one of his Cpls, whilst her husband (another RMP Cpl) was on ops: 'within weeks' is timeframe given, I understand it to be three weeks from flash to bang (as it were).

    Sadly couldn't find a link on Sun website - go to page 29 of Thu 10 Mar's Sun.

    My moral indignation will take several hours to type so I'll sit in a cool dark room for a moment.

  2. Never mind the names.....point fingers!

    (RMP have a history of this don't they?.......or was it the Int Corps?)
  3. Apart from the fact that he is clearly morally bankrupt, and a moron to boot, I will admit to a certain grudging admiration. He will dine out on this for ever. Who wants to be an MP anyway? :wink:
  4. I understand Treadstone 81 wants to be a monkey - but has he overcome his inverted snobbery about being an officer?

    I couldn't.... 1 RMP, named in the Sun, apparently he spent six nights in succession in their quarter whilst hubby was in the sand/mountains and the neighbours shopped him - clearly they were pissed off hat their OMO boxes hadn't had the desired effect.

    Sent her dirty emails from work, too.

    Oh, and he commissioned in December 2004!
  5. Second pip up in under 4 months?!? Obviously a complete flier...
  6. I think that in theory he could commision with it as a graduate...
  7. My fault - missing third finger on left hand - nasty paperclip accident - can't type the key between 1 and 3.
  8. Dirty e - mails from work? The man's a Cad and a Boundah.

    The word F*ckwit springs to mind.
  9. Proud to say my old Corps were never backwards about coming forwards if you know what I mean. Nice to see some things do not change.
  10. No, probably the Royal Signals. Mentioning no names, but a certain star of 'Guns and Roses' made a very brief appearance in Kosovo before being shipped home for sha**ing her SSgt. She was gorgeous as well, the Ops room used to go very quiet when she walked in. :lol:
  11. I will give full stroy as I understand it.

    2Lt X commissions in Dec 04.
    Arrives 1 Regt RMP Jan 05.
    Meets Cpl Y (female) quite shortly afterwards - newly married (12mons) whose hubby (Cpl Z) is on ops in the Stan.
    One can only assume a certain magnetism between X and Y that leads to him being carpetted 21 ays later for conducting a sustained relationship (including 6 nights on the trot in Y/Z MQ)
    Z withdrawn from Stan, Y posted and X rogered.

    Quite an impressive set of events: Service Test aggravating factors:

    Chain of Command
    Married soldier
    Taking advantage of separation caused by op deployment
    Not on ops but affect effectiveness of serviceman on ops
    Undermine authority
    Would have reasonably known it was wrong

    Non-aggravating factors:

    Acting like a walking hormone
    Being a tw@t
    Letting the side down
    Reaffirming opinions of those with chips on their shoulders about officers
    Letting the Sun run another story on us
    Piffing me off
    Setting an appalling example
    Demonstarting that male pl comds cannot act properly when confronted by women under command - thereby cementing that particular stereotype


    * do NOT delete as applicable
  12. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    No. Regardless of antedate seniority accrued by virtue of time spent at university, or prior soldier service, all officers will serve at least 1 year as a 2Lt before promotion to Lt (and at least a further 1 1/2 years after that as a Lt, before promotion to Capt). The only exception to this is LEs and PQOs.

    The rules regarding the grant of Acting rank, however, are flexible.
  14. So has the said Tw@t been discharged from the service? I wish only to find out so that I can exemplify the difference between the application of 'Standards in Public Life' with regard to MPs and the Military point of view.
  15. Would it not be better to send him somewhere where it's very hot, or very cold?