Congratulations to MCM DIV

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by capreolus, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Is it just me or has someone failed to congratulate MCM Div for their service to the crown!

    They have managed to stealthily adjust our terms and conditions of service which will require an extra year of service in two ranks. This means if your goal was to reach WO1 you now have two less years in which to do it......unless you accept VENG in which case they have very cleverly prolonged your career by two years (helping with their manning issues) whilst you leave in the same rank as you would have done anyway and are now faced with resettlement a only a little bit older. (Unless you have been frugal and can retire on £700 pm)
  2. They may have received some cards or a bunch of flowers but I dont believe that they advertised it.

    Did MCM Div suddenly spring this on everyone? Was the change in TOS not advertised? I'm sure theres someone on here who could give a clear and concise answer to that one.

    You could always apply for a commission, thatll bump up your pension somewhat.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not being too "aux faux" with the VENG, but I know people missed the boat to the land of milk and honey. But the land of milk and honey will have become a poison chalice in the time of the R-word and CC. Try getting a job at 40 is hard enough. To ponce a few extra years on £35K+ only to find at 43-46 you'll be either away on a rig or in the Middle east for half the year or stacking shelves. MCM have always been the tool of the MoD. who we are fully aware have the least alliegnce to the service personell its supposed to support.

    With hindsight I am lucky to in a secure "office" and not waiting for a brown envelope to be popped in the pidgeon hole- or even a cheeky text message saying clear your desk.

    Good luck to those leaving in the next year or so. My advice is dont prolong the agony- jump in- the waters a bit chilly at the moment.
  4. And your point is? Sorry but I see lots of SNCOs who expect to be promoted every 2 years! They may have been promoted every 2 years so far! And, just because there are vacancies and have a recommendation get it without any competition and in all honesty have done very little apart from their job (selfless committment yeah right, I'm alright jack), over promoted springs to mind (not that I'm bitter).
    Oh dear now they have to wait another year. Who's to say they would have been promoted anyway?
  5. Actually not, you would have to spend at least 5 years after commisioning to get the LE Capt Pension - and are the jobs at LE Capt really that attractive?
  6. Out in the cold,
    Forgive me if i'm being daft, but all the time I have been in the Army I was always under the impression that if you worked hard and achieved the neccesary recommendation on your CR's, as long as there were vacancies within your CEG there was a bloody good chance of you getting promoted.
    Now it seems that MCM Div have somewhat moved the goal post's. I would like to know when this decision was made and if as Filbert stated "was it advertised"if so where?
    I know the people up at MCM Div keep a watchfull eye on this site, so can someone let me know.
  7. There are only three promotions between Sgt and WO1 and I have never know anyone to achieve that in six years. Regardless of expectation to promote every two years it hasn't happened. Everyone seems to naturally slow up somewhere along the line. Let’s not blur two issues quality and minimum time served in each rank. Commanding Officers are the custodians of quality and the ones who do the promoting. In my opinion they are pretty good at distinguishing between the green shoots and dead branches on a tree. The minimum time served in each rank is what we’re talking about here. As for selfless commitment is there something you need to get off your chest Out in the Cold ? It is clever planning on the part of MCM Div at the expense of those who were going to resettle at 22 years.
  8. Have a look at 2008DIN01-183 ' Policy for the Versatile Engagement (VEng) for Army Other Ranks' which was published in Sep 08.
  9. No duff no wah here.
    How long do you have to do in these Ranks now then? SSgt WO2 and WO1 is it? Is this Army wide or just your MCM Div?

    Sorry for monging it bit out of the loop these days.

    They didnt offer the chance to choose pensions properly because at the time they didnt tell you who had full careers on offer. Smacks of the same type of stuff.
  10. Expecting to come off were ya?
  11. Really?? so why was someone selected for promtion to WO2 when thier 1st RO wrote this soldier has reached their ceiling and feels that they have been over promoted ( Not exactly in those words) and then asked to change it as it was wrong to put this.
  12. Smacks of a lack of morale courage and undermines the reporting and promotion system. No wonder SNCOs get over promoted! Also, its been my experience that some 1st ROs (especially at SNCO level - maybe overpromoted and don't have the experinece theselves) do not know their subordinates even when they are their line managers! They'll be the first to winge at the changes in promotion rules..
  13. The information was published in the ETAI for the ODP cadre which was dated May 08 ish but didn’t get fully distributed till November or December. As Leviticus said the DIN was dated September 2008. If you were an eligible SSgt in September 08 with a current recommendation, hopeful for the board only a few months away, than this is a big smack in the face. Is three months notice sufficient? It is when you are in the army! This would be employment tribunal material outside the armed forces (assuming you still had a job).

    Clearly the change was needed to allow for manning issues and the introduction of VENG but could this not have been applied to people in their next rank? It just seems like it was all rushed rather than there being any real forward planning. If someone from MCM Div would have visited units and given the information in person to the two ranks concerned it would have been a bit easier to swallow. Surely with all the saving they have made in Salaries this year they could have afforded the T&S! i A policy like this would never have been implemented with 3 months notice had it affected the officer cadre.
  14. I seem to remember this was covered on last years AMS roadshow, did you not go to one?
  15. Capreolus if you look on the MS Web (AMS) within the Soldier Promotion Advice section you can download the relevant information [DATED 04 FEB 08], which indicates the 'Change to minimum time in rank with the implementation of VENg'.