Congratulations to Gazala Cadre TSC(A) (Malta Barracks)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick note, well done everyone who passed out of Gazala Cadre this weekend just gone. The second cadre (apparently) where everyone who started the weekend passed.

    Role on CMS(R)!
  2. Nice one congratulations, I would just like to take this oportunity to inform the world that I have just succesfully had a shite and managed to wipe my own arse.
  3. Fantastic.

    What will they be doing for the next 5 months?
  4. Well for me, I've got CMS(R) to do and then my unit who are still training have Signals 1&2 and Land Rover FAM on (in early January I think) so I get to do the first part of my trade training.
  5. Pah, I laugh in the face of your spellchecker. :D

    Fair cop though I've been on the smash since thursday and the rabbit at the controls in my head is slacking off again.
  6. Er hows that possible? I have been led to believe there is no phase 2 training or trade training for the next 5 months.
    I have already completed cms(r) but due to the current situation I will be unable to get traded.
  7. Correct
  8. In which case it seems that WhatAmIDoing doesnt know what he is doing or not as the case may be....
  9. But as its not recruit training it wont be funded so C1 or C2?
  10. Your unit can run cms(r)?
  11. CMS(R) is still being funded and run by the RTCs as before. (Assuming your unit is still open to do paperwork and kit issue! The course I'm on is somewhat smaller than usual...)

    Phase 2 trade training is, in general, sacked - but there is still discussion (At a general officer level) to decide if "Operations" training includes UK Operations - so for the moment some RSigs training is still on, but it's still "wait, out" on that score.
  12. Given the usual quality of your posts, I do wonder which Thursday that might be - a wet Thursday in August 1985 I suspect.
  13. we were advised yesterday that UK Ops is not considered 'Operations' and therefore training will not be given. I am in 2(NC) brigade.
    I was hoping to get traded and volunteer for Herrick for next year, but i guess thats not likely now.
    I am seriously considering transferring to another unit such as Int Corp as I would have thought it likely that there phase 2 Trade training would continue?
  14. To coin a phrase: Arse. Useful to know though, thanks.

    I suspect there's a chance our unit might be able to put on BSS locally, I believe it's been done in the past. Depends if the Yeoman is willing to do it as C1 and how many people need to do it I guess - but I won't finish CMS(R) until mid-Feb at least, so I'm not going to be losing much sleep over it. I'm sure I'll be annoying the few SNCOs left quite enough with paperwork and kit requests as it is. :twisted:
  15. Don't get your hopes up, the current state of play for us on the A3(V) is "wait, out". This also applies to the technical selection weekends without which you couldn't transfer anyway.