Congratulations to 103 Regt RA(V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Winners of the National Artillery Association King George V Cup for 2006.

    Making us the best Gunner Regiment in the TA ;)

  2. Well done, a repeat of A Sub, 208 Btys performance in 2002/3? I hope they had a better no. 3 ;-)
  3. I'm not fully conversant in Arty matters, but should it be "King George VI Cup"?

    I gather that the "King George V Cup" is for rifle shooting.
  4. well done to the regiment indeed. But an even bigger well done to 216 battery the royal bolton artilery. those lads from 216 battery based at bolton are top notch lads i wish i could only be half as good as to serve with them.
  5. It's the KG V for the TA Btys, and the KG VI for OTC Gun Troops.

    It's entirely possible there is more than one KG V competition.

    Well done 103 BTW.
  6. Thank God for that. No need to abandon three weekends' training so that guys about to get mobilised can learn to mount a quarter guard and practice rifle drill. Well done.
  7. welldone lads :) Generally what was involved?
  8. Well done msr and 103, shall you be attending the guild hall?
  9. Well done 103 - in spite of having msr there... :D
  10. As a matter of interest, which sub won the shoot?
  11. If you pop in on Tuesday you can start the paperwork, there is alway room for one more :!: But only if you leran to spel ARTILLERY :D

    BTW well done lads , wish I could have made that weekend now.
  12. Well done to 210 bty RA (V) for being the best TA air defence bty in artillery, after winning the NAA last year.
  13. Yes but AD is yesterdays news!
  14. Who would want to be a cloudpuncher?