Congratulations Lcpl & Mrs Martyn Compton

Hope they are very happy together. I wish them the very best of luck and warmest congratulations.

Footnoe to any journos. Was this mentioned in any national rags. Not a one or two line mention but full page. If not Shame.
Congratulations to them both This is the wedding OK/HEAT magazine should be paying Millions to photograph, rather than the Pie eater and his Munter
An amazing couple, they deserve all the happiness in the world!! Top cake as well!!!

Best wishes to you both,
Many congratulations, and all the luck in the world to the happy couple.

I hope the people of the town where they live learn not to stare at the remarkable human being and his extraordinary wife who walk among them. And I wish them both all the best as they continue on the long road ahead of them.

I for one, am glad their day was not tarnished by being included in OK or Heat. They are both heros, not Z list celebrities. Their story doesn´t compare to some football player who was nursed back to form after a sprained ankle, by his wag and he had to drive everywhere in a 60 grand car.

I´m off to beat the wife now, there seems to be dust everywhere in this room.
Wishing them all the very best. I hope the gubmint take a good think to themselves about what our armed forces are going through, although I doubt they will. This young couple are a shining example of what remains of the best of Britain.
Best wishes - and good luck with the book Compo
There are times when this world of ours really doesn't seem so bad. Congratulations to them both.
Now thats a top story

Hayfever kicking in
Outstanding. Congratulations to both of you.

An inspirational couple who are as strong as each other. May you have many years of happiness together.
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