Congratulations Arsenal

Unbeaten 2003-2004

good of the Foxes to let you have the win.
Foxes gave us a bloody nasty scare Filbert , and they did play well.

Did I support them from my Armchair? Nope, supported them loudly with a few beers , especially in the last 2 minutes, I was too busy biting my nails for the rest of it.

Great way to end the season, now let's see how Surrey are going to do in the Cricket :D
PTP, you are from the deepest and darkest parts of brummie land and sound like Barry from Auf Weidersein Pet. How can you possibly support such a group of southern Shandy Bass swilling puffs?

I bet the voters in the local mosque don't know about this perversion :D
Blimey Auntie, it's not like they ain't already trying to find all sorts of crap to hang on me.

The latest is "because I'm in the Army, I am pre-disposed to be against Muslims" FFS :?

When I have a Chally 2 sat in yer bleedin car park (No you can't have the funding to increase the size of it) performing Top Cover on your Friday Prayers , then the more vocal sh*t stirrers might have a case.

They are going to lose, I am very happy :lol:
glad the Arrse won it though, and not the manc scum.
QMan9193 said:
Arsenel arent immortal, Leicester are, immortally shite!

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