Congratulations, a well deserved award.

He briefly dated June Sarpong when I was working on a shite dating series with her.
She was lovely and she could have been mine if Lammy hadn't meddled.

This is her:
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Is that the one of that tv show?

The mass debate or something. 5 bods all arguing on tele.
On a semi-serious note, has anyone else noticed just how much the diversity level has been cranked up particularly on the BBC the last 12 months?

You literally cannot turn on your TV without a dose of black history this, African and proud that. Every other programme seems to have a racism angle or narrative.
The BBC have a job advert out saying no white people need apply.
According to Lammy, when Gordon Brown was PM Lammy approached him about the problem of knife crime in Tottenham (Lammy's constituency). Apparently Brown put his arm round Lammy's shoulder and told him that they had a solution to the problem. The solution? "Tax Credits".

Lammy apparently had a serious WTF? moment. Then again, in his position, wouldn't you?
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