Well done to those of you that got selected for promotion to Cpl today.

Especially to those form 64. Enjoy the 4 weeks off and see you all in the Sqn bar.

cheggarsRE said:
i got selected....ya for me, now to wash the taste of s*** from my mouth...

Sometimes you have got to eat shite for the greater good.............
money and power :twisted:
mate i cant wait til monday when half the spr's are getting gripped and i'm next out getting a hand shake, they really are gonna wonder wtf i've done to get that on me chest!!!!

oh well, stranger things have happened...must be my wit and amazing charm ed!
hurrahfortheRE said:
Congrats, now all you need is a good 4 finger pointing stance and an over use of the "Fella".

Dont forget the thumbs in belt over smock look and of course you can (once wearing) use the famous your in your own time now phrase.

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