Congrats to Wondermum

Given her sterling efforts against a very tricky foe (we too have experience of YRF ...) I thought it appropriate that we provide some small recognition. Sue, I hope you don't mind joining the small number of elite ARRSErs who get to wear the fabled black medal ........

Oh and good luck on Weds.
Congratulations, Wondermum, and very much deserved. Not sure whether that or Capt Norton's GC is rarer, but I suspect you've got the edge :lol:
Well done Sue :D
Oh - along with the MoD, we never comment on special forces .......
Blimey charlie. You two have got more tin between you than I've had hot dinners. And I weigh 17 stone! :D

Thanks to the two Nortons for being shining stars.

Strewth, I am so stunned, thank you so much, wow, golly, speechless, although I have to say that credit goes to my best friend Ally Blackman who fended off the woman, putting her own sanity at risk, and maypossibley need councellng as a result, but hey it's in a good cause!!!!!

Well, it aint over yet and I so look fwd to meeting some of you on Weds - I think you guys are all fantastic and can't begin to say what it has meant to have your support
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

cheesy i know, but look at those gongs, i'll be lopsided!
Bad CO said:
Oh - along with the MoD, we never comment on special forces .......

Well done Mrs. N!

(You do realise you'll have to wear very fetching rectangular black sunnies whenever you go out in public now, don't you?!) 8)
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