Congrats to the Para who risked his life

Fair play to him! Hopefully his OC is writing the medal recommendation right now.
Top story, well done that man.
Top drills fella, just goes to prove that all is not lost for us as an Army we just need more like him..........
Well done.
Well done that man. You deserve a medal and a spot of home leave. I salute you.
Much respect to the chap for his outstanding fortitude. Definitely deserving decoration, which I hope will be recognised by the septics too. I wish the injured man a swift recovery. This kind of story should be front page news!
My hat's off to him.
Well done!! Stay Safe
Spot on, I especially liked his Major's comment:

"We have a lot of private soldiers who are very young and just out of training but have proved very steady while under fire."

Keep up the good work lads.
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