Congrats to all

Noticed in the award to 5 Regt NVG first came into use in 76.
Sounds right, I can remember being attachet to 660 Sqn during an Op Banner tour in 75.
On a night op down in Bessbrooke we where taking 4 Para's out for a change over on one of the OPs . The OC Sqn Maj H, passed over to me a set of the new night vision goggles and said try using these. They had been sent to unit and he decided to try them out on that nights sortie.
He took them back, tried them and was not happy. I was using them when cab did a quick 180, lowering the goggles I saw we where in light cloud and no way was the boss procedding. I had, had a view of clear sky not sensing danger.
And 4 very pizzed off Paras who ticked like meters at not being able to relive their comrades.
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