congrats to 1 regt

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by naked_mole_rat, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Can I just be the first to say congratulations to 1 regt aac for making it
    into the latest top trumps deck, fighting units of the british army.

    I dont know who at the regt convinced someone that they fulfilled the title criteria but
    what a good blag.
  2. How are 1 Regt a FIGHTING UNIT? clearly not AH!
  3. Guess what they get up to in the Sandy place/s doesn't count for much then?
  4. Mate, iv'e seen what they get up to. If you mean accounts and OP ammo in arrse state, gash as fu** handover...then I vouch for em.
  5. It's amazing that every single AAC unit claims that it receives gash kit in gash condition from all the other units, and that whenever a handover takes place everything they take over is gash...

    It seems that every unit thinks it has the highest standards and that it would never hand over kit in such a state, but in reality, the kit is in the same state no matter who hands it to who.
  6. No mate, it wasn't handed over wasn't handed over. The FSM at the time for JHF(I) got some gash 7.62mm to make up the OP AMMO account (865rnds).
  7. Sorry, misinterpreted what you meant - I thought you were referring to end of tour handover, rather than a specific example such as that ammo.
  8. However it was a gash EOT handover. The officer that should have conducted it, left early on leave, handover wasn't done.
  9. 1 AAC - Top Trumps too right!!!

    The Staffie in MT - Ace!

    The L/cpl shows definate potential
  10. definite (sp)
  11. Sharing a camp with 3 Loggie Regiments, feckin right we are a fighting unit.
  12. Not you fighting though Taff.....As you always complain about laddering your tights :rofl:
  13. I remember a mate telling me about a highly professional unit (I think he said that they fly them AH thingies) sending a bunch of blokes to Germany to take over a couple of the trucks that carry fuel, to take to Poland.

    The only problem being that these big time Charlie’s (apparently) weren’t converted to the type of trucks the Germany Regiment had, hadn’t bothered to get C of C (whatever that is) and indeed some of them didn’t even have their driving licences with them (never mind bothering to carry out a European Matrix test).

    Now, not that I am one to judge anyone, however, as everyone knows, anyone who signs any ADR paperwork without ensuring full compliance with the law is a fool, it is funny how this “OH” so operational “AH” unit deemed it OK to not bother with the basics.

    Our so I was told

    Those who live in glass houses
  14. Was down at PRB the other day for an AVN study day. A mean curry lunch .I felt sorry for the guys stashed to wear deserts .As if none of us have seen deserts before.
  15. Whilst we might not have the mighty black beast, we still manage to support various units on OPs, including the Black Watch, back in 04, at Dogwood, where we did quite well, (common Knowledge) and have had a few other notable results on tours running constantly since 2003, (can't be more specific on here)in a regiment with 2 sqns. My point is not that we are more of a fighting unit than any other, but we are certainly up there. If the top trumps were for counting stuff and tidying up a bit then the blobmeister would surely feature. It really grips my sh*t when we result to slagging each other in this arena. I have been party to many a toss handover from the other regiments, but I wouldn't actually resort to numbers and details on a forum that is read by all and sundry.

    that is all.