Congrats RLC New WO1s...

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. ...especially to M and G at the mighty 1 and to the 1 Comm Spec who managed it.

    Well done lads :D
  2. Well done to all especially the healthy quota of Troggs who will be filling RSM appointments.
  3. I am confused, the way I read the board is that only one lucky person has been chosen to be a WO1 SMD.

    Surely there are more than 1 SMD retiring/commissioning in the period Apr 09 - Mar 10.

    Or am I missing a trick here?????
  4. There are 2 MDs on the board but yes you could indeed be correct.......
  5. Yes there are 2 MD's on the board but only one with B suffix for future employment as SMD.

    Those not with A suffix, are prob sweating, thinking they may have to attend the MD course in the future?

    The plot thickens<>
  6. No Rad Ops/Comms Specs! Call me old fashioned but one complete trade with no WO1s selected. Come on MCM Div WTF, no wonder the Comms Specs are leaving in droves. :?

    (The MD doesn't count because he was selected to WO2 on the MD role as well). :x
  7. Indeed. Be afraid......very afraid!

    April is not very far away at all.................
  8. With a further 6 Comm Spec posts being opened up in the near future, watch this space mucker...a new horizon approaches.
  9. Congratulations to all of you in reaching the dizzy heights and the very pinnacle of your Corps.

    Now get the pies in you (invariably) wheezy overweight fat fingered ethnic lesbians.
  10. Baggy, I have to say I'll believe it when I see it. Even the Railway Children and Vehicle First Parade Specialists had people selected.

    I can't see any of the so called new WO1 posts being filled until after next years board or they'll have promoted people on this board, OR there could be one of those 'We messed up and never promoted enough people so we'll do it now' Boards.

    Bitter & bet, the Wobbly beckons! :oops:
  11. Its not like they are highly employable anywhere else!
  12. Congratulations to All Pet Ops who made the grade today
  13. The jobs are still being finalised still, but from what I know, there will be 2 initial selections when confirmed, then 2 on each board after. This will make sure only the highest scorers get the jobs which is good for the trade. Best start getting my time as PMC etc soon then lolololol
  14. Congrats to all (well nearly all!!!!)

    Is it me or did every supplier type in the world ever get selected? Now that is a trade with lots of big badges
  15. Well done the CO of an Aldershot based RLC Regt, who obviously writes very competitive SJAR's

    He managed to get 3 x WO2's selected (driver role).