Congradulations to our Forces Sweetheart.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. The actual one not the arrser (although you never know what with the PERSEC) the loverly Katherine Jenkins whom all filthy minded servicemen are in love with is getting married to some lucky welsh bastard who'es name I can't remember. (now thats a real testement to her beauty that he's willing to renounce sheep till death do they part)
    In between saying "BUGGER" be sure to send in your congrats.

    Katherine Jenkins engaged to Gethin Jones | Mail Online
  2. Jammy Taff cnut.
  3. Wizards sleeve?
  4. Time to wheel out my second favourite photo of her.

  5. Second favourite?
  6. aye wheres the first, upskirt no knickers?
  7. Dear god! Gonna have to get the keyboard cleaned again.
  8. For your viewing pleasure, much better, er, depth on this one I feel...

  9. Lucky man. Fantastic girl with a great set of lungs on her.
  10. Met her in Shaiba on Telic 7.

    Her make-up is ******* trowelled on.

    She was a nice person though.
  11. One last dream eh?
  12. Bitch!!!!!!!

    She was promised to me

    Nice Pics though