Congo's killing fields

Anyone else see this particularly light-hearted and jolly documentary by Sam Kiley last night (Sunday) on CH4?

F*ck me! Talk about****ed up. And the poor French Colonel who towed the party line whilst people were being slaughtered around his compound.

Surely time to bring back the empire? A couple diamond mines would handsomely pay for the extra defence budget, and the guys would be bringing civilisation to an area that only knows savagery.

I know it'll never happen, but do we have to wait till Zim gets this bad before we do anything? Just reading about Uganda under Amin in the Telegraph made me think, how do we sit on our hands?
An incredible bit of journalism, as is a lot of what Sam Kiley reports

Out of idle interest, is he Ex-Forces?
How many journos say

"They're going right flanking"

And yes, I am looking at the way he handles himself, switched on to feck
Thanks Prods

Oh well, no one's perfect :D

Well, let's invite him to join the happy band, be good to get that sort of insight in here as well :wink:


i couldn't believe what a bunch of goons the rebel "army" is even a cadet can beat any of them hands down in terms of training and discipline , the rebels looks like a bunch of schoolboys out to play war
I'm afraid that's the point, basically they have taken all the kids and young men from both tribes, armed them to the teeth, and then put a couple of people who have done a basic platoon tactics course with the Ugandan Army and what you get is what your saw on Sunday.
El Pato,

Totally agree about the bring back Empire line. That's a case if ever I've seen one. The entire prog was heartbreaking to watch, seeing so many peoples lives ruined by a few well armed thugs who are intent on maintaining there bully status by indoctrinating the next generation.

If we are determined to make this world a better and safer place as we keep on insisting then this seems likea great place to start. Nothing there that a couple of good Bns couldn't sort out.
Unfortunately I think it would take rather more than a couple of Battalions, but not that much more.

The trouble is not just stabilising an area, but making sure that it remains stable.


trouble is these black countries wanted their independence so much that we gave it to them and they fuk it up same with other colonial countries now zimbabwe joined the w@nker nation club

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