Congestion charge Manchester

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jul 27, 2007.

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    silly Idea, as usual all the funds will get diverted to Politician pet project and fleecing the Motorist at the same time inthe name of the "Enviroment"

    Its just highway robbery as usual, the best persuasion is to improve park and ride facilities as well as making it cheap enough to use, if you want to reduce Congestion.

    I am glad Trafford has declined to join in that would mean I can get to Trafford centre without paying, dunno what Salford is planning to do, as they do have a good park and ride with Tram links to Imperial War Museum North and Lowry centre as well as to the City Centre., If Salford starts charging, then I wouldn't be bothering coming to the City.

    unlike London, there plenty of shopping and tourist options outside of Manchester, this will kill Manchetser City centre, unless you are working and is forced to drive in, anyone else will choose to go elsewhere, I would
  2. Been a yonner, we catch the train into central M'cr for visits on the lash. But how the fcuk are we suposed to move about the town with bags of goodies and no car? And whats the point on de-regulated buses? You can't get from one side of the county to the other on one bus company. Hopefully OMBC will tell them to stuff it, and stuff it real good, beyond the tag-nuts
  3. well, we live in east manchester, work on the other side, the charge just to go and come back from work would cost over £60 a week, bollox it is.

    The Tram is either not running,overcrowded,late or in for repair etc
    Buses well its now getting close to needing safety wear, and a translator as most are Polish or Nigerian on our route
  4. msr

    msr LE

    So how do you propose reducing congestion? By simply letting the traffic pile up until people voluntarily move onto the buses?

  5. Well, by having the public transport running correctly before introducing congestion charge, their is no public transport in our area which would get me to work for 0600 shift start, their is no public transport which properly supports Trafford Park.

    Its okay saying well the money from the congestion charge will help provide better public transport, but if its not here now (public transport) why penalise people who have no recourse but to use their own car, and sixty quid a week mate, is a big chunk from someones wage, well around here it is.
  6. No, but this will basically end up forcing the less well off people off the road.
    I live in Manchester but don't work there if i did, i doubt i could afford the price £5 is it? for priviledge of driving.

    But they'll up the price of the met and the buses to take advantage of the fact there'll be alot of people with no choice but to use the met or bus.
  7. Congestion charges will just increase road usage, firms will move out the congestion zone if they can - making more and more employees use their car to get to work.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. Yet another tax on the long-suffering motorist.

    When the Tory MP for Altrincham, Graham Brady, pointed out that traffic speed in Manchester had actually INCREASED in recent years he was promptly told that its to tackle "future" congestion. :roll:

    That cheeky bastard Richard Leese wont even agree to a referendum as it's too "complicated" for us to understand apparently.

    Too late, it's just been voted on and approved by the thieving cnuts.

    So we're getting a CC in return for 'investment'...
  10. msr

    msr LE

    The investment had better be worth it, or I can see a rather large number of councillors being voted out of office....
  11. Investment? With this govt's track record?

    Dont hold your breath mate.
  12. When buying a car, the government gets 17.5% VAT plus car tax.
    I drive about 9K miles a year. That's about 3000 litres of fuel and the government gets 80p a litre or £2,400 of that money.
    My car tax is now £165.00. Gordon the Grabber also stuck tax on insurance which is now 5% so that's another bit into their funds.
    For the privelege of driving I have to pay them around 3 grand a year if you include the VAT I have to pay on servicing etc. Considering the amount of road users, the government gets around 40 BILLION quid from us every year. The total amount of money spent on roads in 2003 was 5.5 Billion. So, if only a quarter the money the motorist paid in to the coffers was used for road improvements, it would double the current expenditure and still give them a 30 Billion surplus. So why the need to charge us even more? Because we are used to being ripped off and will roll over and take it, that's why.
  13. They would free up a lot of traffic if they sorted out that stupid fcuking juction were the A666/M61/62 slip road all meet it's a free fro all and is the cause of most traffic jams in North Manchester
  14. That it ! Im not shopping or visiting mankyland if I can help it, If Salford is charging as well, then thats out as well.

    not surprised Taz_786 , Councillers are not usually known for actually helping the Locality they serve, Pigs in a Trough comes to mind.