Confusion with the reforming of Regiments.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Senseist, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. After taking an age to decide, I finally chose the RAC over Infantry and had my job options swapped before I go for selection. While on the phone with the careers office I got asked what cap badge I wanted to go for. After even more time deciding what kind of regiment to go for (Tank or Cavalry) I chose Cavalry, I began to look into the different regiments fulfilling that role.

    What I found is a few regiments who all seem to be phasing themselves out of the Scimitar and into the Jackal. I also discovered through reading the forum that some are rumoured to be transitioning into more infantry focused fighting tactics. What I would like to know from the guys who are serving or are more in touch with the formation of the Royal Armoured Corps is: What regiments are maintaining their mainly mounted status (in jackals or other fighting vehicles) and what regiments are morphing into different kinds of fighting forces.

    I just wanted to know the details so I can make my decision easier :)

  2. So those who will be working on Jackals will be trained to be more aware of their surroundings because of the crews vulnerability to accurate small arms?
  3. And learn how to identify the early signs of hypothermia during long road moves...

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  4. If you're up against a tribesman with a bow and arrow maybe, a GPMG could badly damage a CVR(T), plus CVR(T) is probably slower off the mark then other vehicles. Recce is to be seen not heard. As wars change, regts will change to follow that need. To be honest, there's probably more roles for the young Trooper in a new style RAC regiment then there was 20 years ago - probably better off joining now!

    Edited to add: The enemy will probably have AK47's - About as accurate as a blind man with an Uzi.
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