Confusion - Sys Eng Tech or Comm Sys Eng

Hey all,

I'm getting a little confused with the new changes. I'm re-enlisting as a SysEng Tech, as this is what I am in civi street, so is the most logical choice to make, plus after phase 2 (trade) training, you're more likely to be promoted to Lance Cpl upon posting to the field; however, I keep hearing about these new changes, and how IS Eng and Sys Eng Tech are now being combined in to Comm Sys Eng.

As for as I'm aware, these two trades very different in what they do, not to mention, IS Eng spend less time in phase 2, and thus do not get posted to the field as Lance Jacks. Does this mean that I'm won't be doing the job I signed up to do, and that'll be missing out on the promo that comes with being a Sys Eng Tech?

Please can someone advise on what's happening with these trades, including the promotion tracks?

According to the careers brief our regiment got the other day, the new CS Eng will get their Lance Jack straight out of trade (IF they are recommended etc) just as techs/sys eng did and do at the minute.

The trades are quite different but are getting much closer as new equipment such as Cormorant comes in and the old tech work disappears off to civvy repair. Most tech work these days is restricted to fault finding the system and sending the U/S module of the system off to repaired.

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