Confusion regarding Comm Sys Eng trade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ITMatt, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Evening,

    I've just passed ADSC this week and I've been confirmed on my trade choice of Sys Eng Tech.

    Now, I understand that Sys Eng Techs are now combining with IS Engs to become Comm Sys Engs (that's quite lengthy). My confusion lies with regards to the role I will now be doing. I choose Sys Eng Tech as I wanted to work on the H/W, networking and telecommunications side within the Army. From my understanding, the IS Engs work on the application and S/W side of things.

    Within this new trade, are these still two different trades/streams, and will I still specialise in H/W, networking and telecommunications, or will I now be pushed towards working on a help desk and dealing with applications, accounts, etc?

    As for deployment, will there be many opportunities for a Comm Sys Eng to be deployed, or are the odds that we'll be stuck in static locations across the country dealing with IT problems in barracks?

    Not that I'm seriously considering it at this stage, but what is the possibility of changing my trade choice to perhaps Installation Technician at this late stage, and what kind of an impact will this have on my application?

    Sorry for the lengthy post - I'm trying to get everything squared away in my mind.


    I have read through several of your posts with your angst of becoming a SET/IS Engr.

    The new CS Eng trade is the amalgamation of both IS Engr and SET, what you must realise is that the the fixing to component level of equipment hardware has sadly dwindled over the years. Most modern equipments are warranted through contractors or deemed to be swapped out when found faulty for contract repair (Not in all units, but most).

    This trade amalagamation gives you the best of both worlds for the modern day engineer, having knowledge to repair limited items, whilst engineering the systems you are also responsible for. If you have failed to take any advise from your posts thus far, then take this. The CS Eng role will be demanding and rewarding and is two previously demanding technical trade employments roled into one. Do the mental maths and work it out. I am sure that you are intelligent enough to come up with the correct answer.
  3. Hi pcljc,

    I'm joining for those exact reasons; however, it becomes confusing when two ex-Sigs keep telling me how boring it'll be and how limited you are on deployment. One finished as an Installation Tech and the other as a Comm Sys Op, so I can understand that there will be some bias in what they say, hence why I ask here.

    I'm really excited and looking forward to starting training, both phase 1 and 2, and actually get out there in the "field" and doing the job. I also understand at the same time that the Army has it's ups and downs and you get out what you put in, so bone jobs are expected. Overall, I'd like to be on as many deployments as possible, working with all the different regiments and getting stuck in both physically and mentally.

    I just hope that the IS Help desk roles are limited and few and far between.

    I want to get away from the typical 9-5 desk jocky job, and I think (hope) the Army is my saviour :D
  4. ITMATT ,
    Let me assure you, the role will be challenging, you will deploy (almost guaranteed unless Med Status leaves you at home). Look at the mainstream Signal Regiments, Bde Signal Sqns websites and see where they are at have/going to. The CS Eng will be at the forefront of all major deployments. There is major principle "No Comms, No Ops"

    The IS Engr and SET's are heavily relied upon in Op theatres to support the varied CIS assets in these theatres, rest assured the CS Eng will be there in quantity.

    Whilst it is good to get advise from Inst techs and Sys Op's they are what they are, they are certainly not IS Engr's or SET's. Take some advise from a former SET the CS Eng will be the best of both worlds. Keep focused, ears open and mouth shut. Be prepared to learn the military way of doing things and not the civillian side you have been exposed to, there is always someone out there with more knowledge that you or I.

    Certa Cito
  5. If you join the amalgamated trade, I believe that you will be taught the relevent bits from the two old trades and work on both sides.

    From what I gather, the only seperation that will stay is with Foreman of Signals and FofS IS (amalgamating in the future but no-one I've spoken to seems to know when for sure) and with those of us who are already Class Ones in either trade.

    As for wanting to work on hardware only - tough shit I'm afraid. The days when we were allowed to go down almost to component level are long gone and will almost certainly not return in the foreseeable future.
  6. There are no more Class 3 Sys Eng Tech or IS Engr courses starting at Blandford at all, regardless of how many times various people ask (and regardless of the huge amount of accurate information on here already).

    There are already three Class 3 CS Engr courses underway and they are each around nine months in duration. A new course starts around every 4 weeks or so, therefore not quite as frequently as the Comms Sys Op. The course covers all those areas above and more, finishing off with the Bowman Level 2 maintainer course. If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask here, as none of that information is protectively marked or otherwise sensitive and all the timetables are published etc etc. There are plenty of people who are already fairly briefed up enough to answer with a degree of confidence.
  7. If you want to be deployed then you have chosen the correct trade. The current IS Engr trade is so undermanned its rediculous and posts which should be filled by IS Engrs on Herrick and Telic are having to be filled by other trades, who through no fault of their own are not as well trained in the basics of IT.

    With the forthcoming DII(FD) due out next year this requires even more IT skilled personnel, hence the amalgamation of trades should help alleviate this short fall, however there is still a heavy requirement for IT trained personnel. Even those we have nowadays are struggling to keep up with the latest technology now been thrown at us thick and fast, and DII(FD) is no exception and a very complicated beast to handle. The Corp has a steep learning curve next year with this new system.
  8. ST, be careful how you sell this line - some units are not due FD untill after 2012 so being confronted with this system is entirely unit dependent.

    The majority of comments here are good - you are more than likely to deploy as a CS Engr and you will be trained in being a traditional technician and also the fundamentals of Information Technology, although this will be another string to your bow which compliments the rest of your training rather than your primary focus.

    Think of yourself as a provider of Systems Engineering Services rather than a Tech - you cant go far wrong.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to concentrate on basic for now, but it's always good to know as much as possible before.

    Does anyone know if the new CSEng trade is a OPP, like the ISEng was?
  10. IT MATT,

    I would imagine that CS Engr is very unlikely to be an Op Pinch Point trade because merging the SET and IS Engrs will fill most of the gaps with that trade. Good luck with basic and enjoy it!
  11. I was told the other week (by someone from HQ SOinC(A) who is in exactly the right job to know) that CS Engr is still an OPP for the foreseeable future. This also means that all transferees and retrades (but not direct entrants) get a nice bonus :D , although also a 2 year time bar :( .
  12. Brilliant, another I've missed :roll:

    I might have to re-trade :wink:
  13. As you were! A little birdie has been in touch to tell me that the status quo is probably about to change as a result of a very recent review. So forget my last post completely! OPP is probably out the window v. shortly.
  14. Okay, maybe not :D
  15. Does anyone know how much time (percentage wise) is spent on system design and planning, compared to installation and repair, when working as a CSEng?

    Do CSEng now handle telecoms and fibre optic installation and maintenance work?