confusion over rifles.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by snarlos, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone, first post so forgive me if my Q sounds dumb or lazy ;)

    I'm looking to join the infantry very soon and i am keen on the rifles. However, i am from Merseyside and i'm confused as to whether i live in their recruitment area or would i have to join a local regiment such as the cheshires?
    I have searched this site and the army's official site but i'm still no wiser, and i'm reluctant to visit my local recruitment office as i dont want to be 'guided' into another regiment were there are vacancies.
    Cheers guys.
  2. Duke of Lancasters mate ( Part ex Kings Regt 'Liverpool' )
  3. You are in our recruitment area, (The Rifles), so get yourself down the office and tell them you wish to join The Rifles and dont let them put you off. Good Luck.
  4. Yes you do live in the right Area as the Rifles are made up from such Excellent Infantry Regiment's such as the Royal Green Jacket's who Recruited a large amount of Riflemen from the Merseyside Area...
  5. So what can you nick from The Rifles that you can't nick from another unit?
  6. Cheers guys, thanks for your input. :D

    ''So what can you nick from The Rifles that you can't nick from another unit?''

    Haha well played, never gets old that one.
  7. The Irish Guards were known effectionately within the household division, as the Liverpool light infantry so you could kill two birds with one stone.