Confusion of roles.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Grievo_87, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Heya guys, I'm ex-Australian Arty and in the process of enlisting into British Army. Didn't enjoy life as a gun bunny, and I'm quite keen on joining RE or REME.

    I'm just curious as to who's job it is to repair and maintain RE vehicles and plant equip etc, is it REME or RE's Fitter's who cover that? I've tried to find out on the British Army website, but can't find anything definate either way.

    Also, Plant Operator. In the sticky post about joining RE, it was mentioned that you tend not to get to do your trade straight away and usually find yourself in a section. Is this true of Plant Ops or is that more for your construction trades (i.e. chippies, brickies etc.)?

    Also, I'm not sure Commando or Para is something I'd be interested in, but It'd be nice to keep the options open. Is the makeup of the Para/Cdo Engineer units the same in regard to Vehicles and Plant Equipment etc, again, tried finding some info on the website but couldn't find anything specific information on that.

    Thanks for any help guys, hope these aren't covering ground already covered.
  2. Our Fitters repair Engineer specific equipment such as plant, generators, tools, OBM's etc. REME VM's work on either wheeled or tracked vehicles depending on which you pick.

    9 times out of 10 planties stay in a plant troop and work on plant. Both para and cdo regiments have the same sort of set up as normal units when it comes to plant.
  3. Thanks for that mate, really helped.

    I assume you're a Plant Op... Ya enjoy the work? Or is it pants?
  4. :?: :?: REgarding those 2 words in the same quote.
  5. Knocker is only jealous.

    The work can be pretty good, I've worked on some enjoyable projects. Also when you are in the middle of a Kosova winter and it's freezing you are in your cab and the fieldies are outside freezing! Unfortunatly with whole fleet management the amount of plant held in a regimen is pretty minimal, gone are the days when you have got the kit to hand and you can take the guys onto the area for some digging practice. It does have some advantages though, ALC have to provide new plant and update it regularly. There are now only 3 bits of kit I got taught on my Class 2 that are still in service, the rest have been replaced.
  6. JEALOUS???? give your heid a shake P_L.

    no more green skin for this call sign, although P_L is correct in that we never had cabs to sit in as knockers. :thumbdown:
  7. Alright, bracing myself for abuse here... what trade are Knockers? Plant Op does sound like a pretty good gig, and more I look into the RE the more it appeals. Ta for the info lads.
  8. knocker, fieldie, squeak, oggie = combat engineer
  9. Ah! feel much enlightened.
  10. Just to confuse you even more, Grievo, everyone in the RE is trained as a combat engineer but it tends to be artisan tradesmen who make up the bulk of combat engineer sections in the real world - hence why they are referred to as 'knockers' whilst planties etc aren't.
  11. Right. I see. Whats generally considered the best job in RE then? I like the look of Plantie to be honest, but having been through the green machine before I'm always open to whats generally viewed as the 'best job'
  12. Unfortunately all artisan trades and Armoured Engineering is a dying art, time on kit is now a rarety so the experience just isn't there. Combat Engineering is suffering due to the restraints of H&S....what was once considered improvising and a 'can do' attitude is now viewed as cowboy and dangerous! (hmm wheres all the smilies hiding??)
    I'll end there before I start really ranting
  13. Boanegres, I can imagine that would be the case. Fortunately, after 5 years in the Aussie Artillery I'm well aware of the frustrations of military life, ie, career conscious officers more bothered about getting to the next step rather than doing the job the best it can be done. Which I think will hold me in good stead this time round... at the moment, what I quite fancy, in no particular order is Plant Operator Maintainer, Building and Structural Finisher, and Fitter General.

    Sappers are appealing for me, because I've always been quite 'green' and enjoy the soldiering side of things. I like the Idea of POM most, but at the same time I'd quite like to do some Combat Engineering and not be in a Support Squadron all the time... decisions decisions. :)
  14. Well you must also consider that Planty and Fitter are both very restricted in terms of promotion (unless you become a cone head (Clerk of works))
    If CoW doesn't float your boat then you'll have to go the SQMS route! Failing that.......pick again!!!
  15. most of the trades are restricted in promotion nowadays & that is why a lot of lads are sacking it, that & the fact that they are getting to know Afghan better than their own country.