Confusing new GCSE numbers system in relation to AOSS

I just got my results on Thursday and believe I have enough ALIS points for the AOSS. However, my results were given as grades, not numbers. This then brings up the issue of this .gov website (here) giving me a range of three numbers for two grades - do I take the highest number possible or lowest?
I do, however, have an old infographic type pamphlet which I was given at an ACC. Looking at this in relation to my results means that I would be able to continue through with my plan for the AOSS but on the other hand, there is a new scale for ALIS points on the army website which uses the new GCSE numerical grading system. Now, the issue is - has the value of ALIS points changed with this new scale or is it just to do with the numbers (either way, I may still be unable to find out my ALIS points because of this numerical shitstir).

Sorry if this seems like a waste of time, but help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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