Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by NikkiS, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking at joining up, however I am completely confused as to what I would like to do, I am currently an Office Manager, I am 20 and have a fairly good qualifications (AS Levels)
    I am off down Army Careers next week however am I going to get a poor reception as I am so confused? I know that I want to do a trade where I am not restricted to postings too much and can make the most of the opportunities such as Ad Training so I can gain my MLT/RLT etc.
    Can anyone help?

  2. No, of course not. It's there job to guide and "advise" you.

    Just be careful that you're not guided in the wrong direction.
  3. the whole point of the careers office is to help you decide what you want to do....! good luck!
  4. Nikki (may I call you that?),

    To help you down the correct path we need to know your vital statistics, and posting a photo always goes down well ;)

    Glad to help in anyway I can? :)
  5. Smudge,

    You may call me Nikki, I'm not about to post a pic - you wouldn't get any work done!

  6. I have heard from many people that the engineers is always good for getting Ad training etc etc in!
  7. Dog :roll:
  8. Of course! ;) I'm suprised OFAH didn't beat me to it!
  9. Sorry forgot to add that i want to do a job that I can actually do in the UK and whilst on tour I am currently being told that REME/AGC are the key regs for this?!
    For this reason Engineers doesn't really appeal to me, I may be wrong but majority of the guys I know that are RE have hardly ever used their trade and are currently going out in Inf roles.
  10. I was in the REME. You can have varied postings, and a lot of fun depending on what trade you go for.
  11. Don't listen to them Nikki.

    Become a Chef - hardest course in the army - and the worst hours as well.
  12. Thanks Sparky you're really selling that well there!!
  13. So hard that no one's passed it yet!
  14. Because no-ones ever passed it? ;)
  15. Not the fastest car in the garage this morning are we smudge?