im going to selection in a couple of days and i was wondering what i should wear on arrival. The letter i got through to post about selection says i should travel in a tracksuit to make it easier for medical, however, on the dvd the guy says something along the lines of "you see them turn up in tracksuit bottoms or scruffy jeans which immediatley puts the light on them". so basically, could anyone tell me what i should be wearing on arrival and what you wore?


Turn up in a shirt and tie! I know old fuddy duddy stuff but it sets a good impression to the recruiters or in real terms your prospective new bosses.
Carry your PT kit with you to get changed into it before your medical and after you have touched flesh with the welcome party.
I know that i would rather employ someome that wants to join other than just some scruff off of the street who dosnt make an effort.


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My instructions said tracksuit too - and my recruiter told me to also. I figured do as told to, rather than what I think is best. On arrival, we were whisked straight in for food, the directly to the medical. There was no time to change if needed to.

Edited to say: that DVD is so out of date. When you get there you'll notice so many differences. One of the Sgts we had, said he had heard loads of groups referring to the DVD and things being different, that he felt he should watch it to find out what info it gave.
Fallschirmjager said:
I wore a pirates outfit complete with stuffed parrot.
Wise words, but you are clearly confident, not everyone is like that.

My advice, and its sincere........ when being interviewed call the interviewing officer Sir, but under your breath whipser 'ya cnut'

If he says 'Pardon me' stand up, free a testicle and ask him to give it a crafty nibble... he is looking for inner character and a hint of cheek... serve it him up on a plate
when i go im not gonna wear anything. will decide when i get there and see what everyone else is wearing. just need to remeber and take some clothes.
One of the first things you'll learn when you do go in is "Do as you're told". If it says tracksuit, it means tracksuit, so there's your answer.
i didnt have my medical till about 1400. at pirbright, a few months ago. i went in smart jeans and jumper and smart trainers. when you get there they ask you to get changed into something comfortable for your medical.( i.e. tracksuit bottoms, t'shirt.
Just make sure you look smart, you'll find that everyone is wearing something diffrent. I went in trousers and a shirt, with a hoody on top.
Easilly, You can either look smart or like a tramp.
well yer you can. if you are waring a tracksuit thats is new. you should look smart. Where as if you ware a tattered one you wont.
yes. but i wouldnt ware 1 personelly. but thats only my opionion
hills540 said:
i usually wouldnt wear one either. i would be much more at home in jeans and a shirt or jumper.
And me, but if you've been given a specific instruction, its surely better to follow it?
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