I asked this as well on a PIOFV and they are a fully trained infantrymen who has completed the correct course to qualify on the warrior.
A chally2 has the best protection going,not sure how a warrior can handle multiple RPG strikes but you'll be safe enough!
Warrior driver is very very safe - with add on Chobam the protection is as good as it gets. The only prob is when the cover hatch is open and a stray round gets in - but that is the same with any armour. CVRT and Saxon has less protection but much more than a Lannie/4 tonner or man-packing.

Don't know much abbout the Staffs but they seem to perform well. They are due to become part of a new Reg soon so things will change anyway regardless of what the MoD are spinning us.
Yep - they will become the 3rd Bn the Mercian Regiment in 2007
cdt_parker said:
thanks, how good is the armour on a warrior compared to a challenger 2 for protection because i heard that you are relativly safe in challenger 2 against RPG's and other weapons (this maybe wrong but i read it in an army magazine)
A RPG bounced off one of our warriors, wether it was the angle it was fired at I dunno, wasn't there. Warrior armour is very tough though and the armour can be upgraded again depending on role, they can also handle direct fire from small arms....Warriors have and are currently recieving upgrades to armourment and I think a new turret system is coming in.....

They can keep up with Challi's too....
Good luck with the Staffords. They are a truly fine Regiment who really excelled in Iraq last year, and have a great bunch of midlands lads. They'll stay Armoured Infantry, so it's a great career choice.

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