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  1. Okay, so i'm joining up as Junior Entry Infantry and I have my Pre Selection tests on tuesday. For mile and a half it says on the official British Army website that it is 14.30 for junior infantry, but i have a friend who has just gone in and he said that with the time i can do it in (12.50) i wouldn't pass with that?

    Does anyone know what i'd pass with?
  2. for **** sake, if you can not listen to instructions you have no place in any of her majesty's armed forces...**** off!
  3. You need to aiming for at 1030 at your age. Fact
  4. Its been said many a time before you really need to be close to 10.30 to be able to do all the physical activities at ADSC....you will find majority of recruiters won't send you to ADSC until your reaching that target.
  5. how was i not listening to instructors? not done my pre selection yet have i you tit
  6. Pebbles, do all ex RAF gob of to children? The lad asked a question, point him in the right direction or sod off back to stalking skirt around the naafi
    The ability to read English is a useful skill, though not mandatory it seems.
  8. Im not Duty Bod tonight but if all the Big lads nip back in the NAAFI Bar for a pint where they belong and take a few slaps and if the OP looks through the stickies and see the fitness guide lines and his question answered many a time then we can all get on like good chaps before DISCO has to come in windmilling.
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  9. Hes my dad and I've always been taught to respect my elders.

  10. Need I say more?

    And yes it is law that blue jobs chase skirt, My dad being a sapper told me to join the RAF for such a rwason, all the best skirt, although I failed to see his point realised somehow...maybe I waited too long for the bus load of nurses to turn up at the Wednesday night bop.
  11. Problem is Pebbles if that information on there was followed then no one would pass..and yes I do know.
  12. So the recruiting website has duff gen...is that purposeful do you reckon? to get rid of 'just enough to pass' lollygangers?
  13. Why is it Duff....its minimum requirements as in any job....however then to get a good grade and IDST score and hopefully to get allocated afterwards (which most Recruiters want for their applicants) then we know what is required....with all the physical activities at ADSC like 45-60 minutes PT session, run, grenade throwing (with leopard crawling etc for a good 45 minute session) and team tasks anyone who has poor fitness will struggle. So NO not rubbish information just showing minimum requirements like RAF minimum requirements is Bryl cream, no personality and work shy :)
  14. The bryl cream is duff gen for entrance requirements for the blue jobs too. If anyone turns up to camp with a red tub of whale fat, they get signposted to the nearest RAFA branch as an associate member and allowed to hold the wings appeal tin for a maximum of 30 mins each year.
  15. It comes down to realism and personal pride. At 16-18 you should be able to run 1.5 mile under 10.30 min. Especially if you want to join a teeth arm, however fitness is important across any Regt Corps, and if you don't want to struggle in trg then get fitter.

    12.30 is the minimum standard as stated, not a goal to be proud of