well i got all my kit yesterday ,i was just wondering if some one could help me,they expect me to show up with it on friday night but they didn't tell me what goes on 1st,is it the the brown t-shirt then the shirt then the combat jacket,i can figure out the boots and trousers :( and i cant seem to figure out how this belt works or when to put it on { over top of combat jacket or shirt? just dont want to show up there on friday like a right tit.
Jacket as a standard base layer. If you're wearing body armour put the t-shirt over the smock to hold it close to the skin (and make it look like you're wearing UBACS). If you're cold you can put the shirt over this all.

You're probably not doing the belt right - it goes from your right shoulder down to your left hip and you hang a massive fcuk off knife on it.
also gas mask is worn during naafi break
tuck your uzi into the front of your trousers or jeans (its up to you to decide)
your webbing belt clips at the back so you have easy access to pouches
only use one strap of your bergen (it looks cooler this way)
push your beret to the back of your head so that your fringe is hanging down at the front (seargent majors love that)

if you need to know anything else dont hesitate to ask
just ask yourself this...what is a belt for? that's enough for you to answer your own question i think. remember male end to the right, although from shoulder to hip with a huge knife would probably bring you a most amusing response, not for you, but for people watching, lol.
8chris4 said:
I suppose if i ask stupid questions ill get stupid answers
ah well
Isn't your Mum still dressing you?
8chris4 said:
just dont want to show up there on friday like a right tit.
You're a recruit. That's your job.

Got to give those nice shouty people something to do... :soldier:
3_Peco_Seconds_GO said:
For added kudos .. put your beret(thats the wooly thing you put on your head) over your combat lid ...
He'll be wearing a ToS not a beret, so it will fit his his Mk6 better
FUGAX said:
When you tip up on Friday knock on the SSMs door and ask him he will glagly show you where and how to wear your kit.
Wouldnt the RSM be a better person to ask, could even get some top drill tips, never met an RSM who doesnt like giving top tips to switched on squaddies ..
Seriously, it really shouldn't be that hard to work out. And if it is then ask your unit. That's what they are there for, to train you.

The Basics
this is either a rubbish wah, or the TA is recruiting complete tools!!

I mean, how, in the name of all that is holy, and why of course, would you put a fcuking t-shirt, over your smock?

This is the military but it's not that far from civvy life! do you wear t-shirts over your jackets when walking to work?

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